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Some small tweaks to the random encounters.

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This mod changes the following:

1. Thalmor vs Player (Three Thalmor with an execution order hunt you down and attempt to kill you.)
-> Changed condition from "Player level 8" to "having completed Diplomatic Immunity".
This is done for Thalmor/non-Dragonborn playthroughs.
v1.1 -> added new condition: having completed "Missing in Action".

2. Farmer refugees after Dragon attack (A farmer and his wife either walking along the road, or resting in an inn, after their farm was destroyed by a dragon)
-> Changed condition from "Player level 4" to "having completed Dragon Rising".
This is done for non-Dragonborn playthroughs.

3. Thief lock picking (A thief attempting to pick a locked door is discovered by guards. The guards will attack him and try to kill him. Sometimes he may escape into a house/shop.)
-> Removed condition "having completed a Chance Arrangement".
This is done to see thieves even without doing the Thieves' Guild quests.

4. Skooma dealer (A skooma dealer (named for their race) attempts to sell you skooma)
-> Give him/her a chance to spawn with 1 or 2 shivs.
This is done to make it a bit more challenging.

5. (v1.1) Dark Brotherhood Assassin Sent to Kill the Player
-> Raised minimum required player level from 5 to 25. Gave it 50% less chance of happening.

For a list of all random encounters, see here.