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Femboy conversion of the Immersive Armor Mod done by hothtrooper44 for my Custom race "Femboy Race Reborn" only available somewhere else~.
Which are slim and slender, feminine looking male. The Traps of skyrim! This is nothing more than a patch for the custom Race, Immersive armor and Femboy Race are required for this patch to work.

Permissions and credits
Femboy Race Reborn  - Immersive Armor Pack -

This armor mod is a "patch" for a custom race called Femboy Race Reborn.
This patch enable this custom race to wear the armor from Immersive Armor as they use a unique bodytype which wont affect none of the male nor the female of skyrim.
And have the armor use a custom set to fit their bodytype. That way the female armor is untouched and so are the males.

This patch shouldn't cause any issue with anything.
Though if you guys use anything that could affect IA stats wise they maybe there will be issues, not sure.


Just Override Immersive Amor ESP, and place the meshes for the femboy race in the right folder.


Q: Where this Race mod?

A: The internet is your best friend....I cant name the place, but the devil house~

 Q: Ewww Traps...Traps are Ghey!

A: Only if the balls touch~<3