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a small correction for the grid in Whiterun, Riften - Ratway, Thirsk, ...

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Old And Rusty: correction for aMidianBorn Whiterun
original:             Created by CaBaL
a texture correction:      by clauDA

A small correction for the grid in
Whiterun , Riften - Ratway, Thirsk, ...
If I use aMidianBorn Whiterun by CaBaL, the grids will be bright. 
See image
If that's the case with you, my little texture can help.

Thanks to CaBaL and his fantastic mods.

I have reworked the texture, the mod belongs to CaBaL, the rights remain with CaBaL.

You need the original mod of CaBaL .
(But it also functions without!)

After downloading the ZIP file, unpack the archive
and copy it to your Skyrim / Data directory.
Overwrite the texture of the original.
Only install 1024 or 2048.

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The files may not be used or re-uploaded for any other purpose without my consent.

Image by Sachmet82

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