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Adds a portable, auto-aiming Ballista Bot with multiple ammunition to Skyrim.

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Adds a Portable, Ballista-Wielding, Auto-Aiming Bot with multiple ammunition to Skyrim.
Adds it to the player upon installation of the mod.
Simply drop the cube from your inventory, choose the ammo type, load the ammo, activate it by clicking "Start", and watch it wipe out your enemies.
3 different choices of ammunition, all craft-able.


Should be compatible with everything.




I have re-programmed the Bot... again. It has a fresher, newer, lightweight script. I also made the player immune to the Bot's paralysis effect with the Ice projectiles ammo. It's a nice feature to use, but annoying when you're constantly laying like a popsicle on the ground. I ran it through a lot of testing and have found 2 issues. One, the Bot just wants to kill, so it can get caught up in blasting away at the same target until it dies while other enemies are kicking the ever living shit out of you. I set it up so that a friendly little "nudge" of your sword on the Bot's backside reminds him of why he is there. Secondly, after extremely extensive testing, I found that 99% of the time it functions flawlessly. The other 1% it will get "stuck" in its animation mode and not fire due to the fact it thinks it isn't loaded. This is most likely an animation/graphics issue which means there won't be much I can do about that. I killed the "animation wait" in the script and it straightened right out but that kills immersion. I am still working on this project. While it may not be getting much love from the community, I think this lil guy has the potential of great things.


Bethesda for the great game and Creation Kit.
Wave Editor
A sincere thank you to those who took a moment to come back and endorse.
The many innocent, and not-so innocent NPCs who involuntarily volunteered their lives in the testing of this mod.
And of course, Nexus for making a place where we can share our creations.

This video shows some of what my bot can do.
(And this is with the old script.)


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