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Adds a strength metric for weapons and armor. Equipment weighing more than your current strength cannot be equipped. Strength is increased by using weapons and armor.

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Important Note: A new save is strongly recommended. While Burdens Of Skyrim will work with existing games, there's a strong chance your favorite equipment will be unequipped and unusable until you build up enough strength to use it again.


Isn't it strange how the Dragonborn can use any equipment in the game right off of the prisoner cart? This mod adds another level of progression in the form of a strength metric. Initial strength only allows for the lightest of weapons and armor, but strength can be increased by using your equipment; this will unlock heavier equipment. Default growth rates are intended to be quite slow, so the game does not become too easy too quickly through overpowered equipment.


When starting the mod, the Dragonborn will be given the following initial strength values, which correspond to the respective equipment weight:

  • Melee weapons and bows: 9.1 weight
  • Helmets: 2.1 weight
  • Cuirasses: 6.1 weight
  • Gauntlets: 2.1 weight
  • Boots: 2.1 weight
  • Shields: 4.1 weight

Weapons and armor both have a separate growth rate for strength. This growth rate can be configured in the MCM, and it represents a fraction of a weight unit that is added to the appropriate strength metric when equipment is used. Additionally, a usage threshold can be configured as a number of weight units the player can equip beyond the current strength limitations, but speed and damage penalties will be applied per piece of equipment higher than the weight maximum for its slot.

When piece of equipment is not used, strength degradation rules will apply for the equipment slot if the Toggle Strength Degradation option is enabled. Strength will atrophy every game day, at a rate of approximately 1 weight unit per 30 days.

Growth rates can be automatically calculated based on character body weight with the Toggle Body Weight MCM option. These automatic rates are higher with lower body weight and lower with higher body weight with the idea that weaker characters will gain strength faster while stronger characters experience diminishing returns.

"Usage" for equipment is as follows:

  • Melee weapon strength increases when the weapon is swung, either in combat or out of combat.
  • Bow strength increases when firing an arrow from a full draw, either in combat or out of combat.
  • Armor strength increases when sustaining an unblocked hit or traveling to different locations.
  • Shield strength increases when sustaining a blocked hit or traveling to different locations.

Recommended Mods

Recommended mods are not required, but will expand on the experience.

Pumping Iron by Gopher: Dynamically increases body weight over time by training skills. Best used with the Toggle Body Weight option.