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Mask of the supervillian MF DOOM

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The mask comes in Iron and Gold and can be crafted at a forge. No leveled lists or anything, just a simple little mod.

Also, It doesn't work for Argonians, Khajiits or Orcs. They have weird shaped heads and I have no idea how to go about editing the mesh to fit for them. Sorry about that. :(

I made this mod for Fallout 4 a while ago and a couple people asked for it for Skyrim. I have recently started to play Skyrim again and decided to give a shot at modding for Skyrim for the first time, so here it is, for the couple people who asked... and anyone else who would want it. If you aren't familiar with MF DOOM, he is a very talented lyrical rapper. Check out some music below if you want. :)

I was thinking of doing this for Special Edition also, but it was a headache enough to figure out the modding process for Skyrim, so I'm holding off on the SSE port for now. If anyone else wants to do it be my guest, just let me know through PM please.


Model: MozzUK
Textures: Oh Deer


Thank you BasedGod