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This mod adds a standalone follower for your Skyrim.

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[ Character ]

Name : Charlotte
Level  : 10 - 100  
Voice : Female Young Eager
Body  :  UNP       
Height  :  0.87     
Weight  :  0         

Location : Whiterun, The Drunken Huntsman        
Combat Style : Melee (One-handed, Heavy Armor)

She is a swordsman with silver hair. 
Her job is bard singer. But, like other bard followers,she can't sing while employing...

[ Perks ]

Bladesman   rank 3
Hack and Slash   rank 2
Bone Breaker   rank 2
Fighting stance 
Savage Strike
Power bash
Deadly Bash
Block Runner
Juggernaut   rank 4

[  Weapon  ]

She has a unique weapon.

Name : Mistral
Type : One-Handed Sword
Weight : 10

This sword is what the generals of the elves were using in the past.
He fought against "Balrog" with this sword and fell to the valley bottom together and died.

[  Change logs  ]

v 0.2.1 => v 0.2.2
Default outfit : Hide Armor => Underwear

v 0.2 => v 0.2.1
Add : One-Handed Sword

v 0.1  =>  v 0.2
Location : Kagrenzel => Whiterun, The Drunken Huntsman
Add : Bard singer function.

Since it is my first mod, it is still incomplete...
I would like to add various functions.
Thank you for watching !!