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A Hearthfire compatible version of Aukmat's Wind Path home!

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Hello, Nexus!

This mod takes the beautiful Wind Path cottage by Aukmat and converts it into a Hearthfire-compatible home! Please keep in mind that this mod is standalone, meaning you will NOT require Aukmat's mod. However, Aukmat takes 10000% of the credit for building the home! I simply made a few changes.

In this mod, Wind Path now includes:
  • Custom planters on the front porch so you can grow your own produce (I highly recommend the More Plants and Recipes mod to get the most bang for your buck)
  • A baking vessel in the fireplace that functions just like a regular Hearthfire oven
  • Converted basement bedrooms with child-friendly decor
  • Adoption/Marriage related keywords and idle markers

In order to get your family to move into Wind Path, you will need to use a mod like Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions. The two guest bedrooms in the basement will serve as the bedrooms for your kids (no more than two). The first floor bedroom is unchanged, so you can have a follower use that room. You will need to convert the third basement bedroom into the "Double Bed" room (using the book upstairs) so your spouse has a place to sleep!
If you encounter any issues while using this mod, please let me know!

Many thanks to Aukmat for his contribution to the Nexus and allowing me to upload my Hearthfire conversion!

Additional Credits:
Lilith's Ready Clutter and Furnishings
InsanitySorrow's Skyrim Resources
Runspect's Resources for Modders
Stroti's Kitchen Tools