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Realistic Style ENB

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Nova ENB

This ENB is my take on realism in Skyrim.  In short, I want the player to feel as though they are not looking at a monitor, but instead through a window to a real tangible world on the other side. 
I've messed with ENB settings before, but after trying CR ENB, I wanted to use his as a base starting point and create my own from there.  This ENB strips out a lot of what CR ENB used such as SweetFX and Ambient Occulsion and attempts to make it performance friendly while still looking amazingly beautiful.  For me, this was a 3 month long project, and while for me, the ENB will never be "complete" it has reached a point where it can be shared with everyone.

Expect updates to it every other month or so as i continue to tweak settings and try to perfect it.  So with the introduction out of the way, lets get down to the good stuff of what you need and what I recommend

Download the latest ENB Binary and install it.  This ENB is made for binary 319+

Use your own configured ENBlocal.ini file.  Make sure the proxy settings are as follows:



Natural Lighting and Vivid Atmospherics.
Vivid Weathers (Deactivate or Delete the ESP file)
Relighting Skyrim OR Enhanced Lights and FX  (Relighting Skyrim is preferred and what i based the settings on)
ELE Lite
Nova ENB Mod Install
*Horizon of Dreams Night Sky and Moon Textures
*Ethereal Clouds
*Ethereal Auroras
*Obsidian Mountain Fogs For Legendary Edition

Mods marked with an Asterisk * are recommended mods as this ENB has been tuned with them installed.  You can use others, just know the look will be different.

If you would like to know my entire mod list, please see my tumblr page here:

If you have a suggestion or feel that a certain weather needs edited.  Please leave a comment, providing a link to a screenshot and an explanation of what should be adjusted and why is extremely helpful.  Remember the point of the ENB is realism.  Also let me know what weather file was being used when you came across something that should be fixed...i.e. Skyrim Cloudy, Riften Fog, ect.

CR ENB, without using his as a starting point I would never have attempted to make one.  His shading, effect, and other ini files are used for this ENB.  All weather files and global enbseries.ini have been modified heavily.
ENB (Boris)