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This mod adds the Four standalone Follower's to skyrim.

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Please note.
If you use my old follower mod, it is recommended to delete the previous mod when using this mod.
I made a whole new esp. 
Of course, code values between NPCs were newly created. It is made from entirely new NPC, With the same appearance only. 
I don't think there will be any conflict with my old mod.
But if you are using my old mod, Just in case it would be a good idea to delete it.

Hi. I am ARTA14.
I am not good at English. So I use a translator.

This mod adds the Four Follower's to skyrim.
You can marry all your followers. Also all follwer are essential.
All followers use different voices and have different combat styles.

Please see below for a description of each follower. (The follower description is just a description. It is not an in-game script. Please forgive my poor mod making skills. T_T)


Her name is Metis. She is a typical nord warrior. Using Two-Handed and heavy armor, she love fighting at the forefront of the battle. She is more focused on attack than defense.

She is the most mature and experienced warrior on this team. So she is the leader of this team.
She personally wants to protect Myrina. Because she thinks that Myrina resembles her past.
She think honors battle, but does not enjoy the massacre. That's why she does not like Frey. But she admitted that Frey was a very powerful warrior. So she has no complaints about traveling with Frey right now.

You can find her in Jorrvaskr in Whiterun.

Summarized information
Name : Metis
Race : Nord
Combat Style : Two-Handed and Heavy Armor
Location : Jorrvaskr(Whiterun)
Body Style : CBBE / UNP(B)
Perks : Juggernaut, WellFitted, Tower Of Strenght, Cushioned, Conditioning, MatchingSetHeavy, ReflectBlows, Barbarian, ChampionsStance, DevastatingBlow


Aurora is a powerful destruction wizard. Especially love to use lightning magic. But she was only talented with destruction magic. So her defense is very bad. 
She has a perk to quickly recover magicka, but still prefers to fight with one hand swords if the magicka is lacking.

She is very interested in dragons. But since it is very difficult to study dragons, She was accompanied by the team.
Also, she does not have much interaction with team members because she spends most of her time practicing magic in daily life. So she can't even imagine Frey's insidious plan. Someday, something dangerous might happen to her...

You can find her in The Frozen Hearth in Winterhold.

Summarized information
Name : Aurora
Race : High-Elf
Combat Style : Destruction magic and Light Armor
Location : The Frozen Hearth(Winterhold)
Body Style : CBBE / UNP(B)
Perks : LightFoot, Augmented Shock, Recovery(Magicka)


Frey is an assassin, mainly uses the One-hand sword especially a Dual-Wield.

She knows she's not good at defense.(And she has no healing magic.)
She are very aggressive, But she don't have a good defense because she wear light armor.
So she focuses on killing the enemy before she gets attacked.
She is a vampire. But the only reason she became a vampire was to become an immortal. That's why she doesn't care too much about blood.

She wants to make Aurora her own undead servant. But she knows she can not win a face to face match with Aurora. So she is now quietly traveling and looking for an opportunity. Someday, if she has the chance, she is going to make a surprise attack on Aurora...

You can find her in Dead man's Drink in Falkreath.

Summarized information
Name : Frey
Race : Breton
Combat Style : One-Hand(Dual-Wield) and Light Armor
Location : Dead Man's Drink(Falkreath)
Body Style : CBBE / UNP(B)
Perks : LightFoot, Destructionadep, Armsman, Dualflurry, Dualsavagery, Bladsman, Agiledefender, Customfit, Matchingset, Unhindered, Windwalker, Deftmovement


Myrina is a young girl who admires the Imperial Legion. She is good at taking shields in battle and preventing enemy attacks.

She is very dependent on Metis. She wanted to learn a sword skill from Metis, but Metis seems to focus on teaching defense skills...
She wanted to be with Metis, so she came along with this team. She very love of traveling in Skyrim with Metis.
That does not mean she is not interested in other team members except Metis. Because she is a very cheerful girl, she loves not only her teammates and likes everyone she meets while traveling.

You can find her in Castle Dour in Solitud.

Summarized information
Name : Myrina
Race : Imperial
Combat Style : One-Hand and Heavy Armor
Location : Castle Dour(Solitud)
Body Style : CBBE / UNP(B)
Perks : ShieldWall, DeflectArrows, PowerBash, ElementalProtection, DeadlyBash, BlockRunner, DisarmingBash, Juggernaut, Tower Of Strenght, Armsman, SavageStrike


There are two hairstyles for all follower. Check the option file.

If you have any mod problems or advice, please write post.

I wonder what my character will look like on someone else's skyrim. Please post your great screenshot!
If you like this mod, Please give me the endorsements. XD

Thank you. :)

The modes used
RaceMenu :
Fair Skin Complexion :
KS Hairdos :
SG Hair Pack 350 : I lost my link.
saLa Hair :
Multi Colored KS Hairdos :
The Witcher 3 Eyes :
Eye colours with new style Eyelashes : I lost my link.
The Eyes Of Beauty :