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Add more people to Skyrim.

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Thanks for downloading and endorsing this mod.
I am no longer working on this mod. Feel free to use it anyway you want.
No need to credit me, but it is welcomed.


I personally think that Skyrim needs more life, so I made this mod and I'd like to share it with you guys. And please excuse my English.

Populus adds more people to cities and towns in Skyrim, just for visual purpose.
All the NPCs are named and unique and they have simple AI behaviour.
Some of them travel, some work, some play drums and flute, some maybe even help you on your adventure.

So far I've made 54 unique NPCs with simple AI, but since Skyrim is vast, you probably won't notice anything.
If you want to check them out, you can go to The Winking Skeever in Solitude at around 19.00-21.00 PM, some of them eat and drink there.
The list of NPC names can be found the in readme.

This is beta version, and I need someone who's willing to test the mod :)

v1.2.1 patch
- Hero NPC no longer spawn in your cell in certain days.
- Fixed another NPC stealing horses
- Removed Dunvan and Anord from Imperial Faction

v1.2 patch
- Sira has a new face
- Some minor AI tweaks
- Sas'hnak removed from Solitude
- Added new NPCs to solitude, including a street sweeper
- Added a new Dunmer bard to New Gnisis
- Fixed some faction issues
- Most NPCs are now non-essential
- Fixed Balg hanging out in New Gnisis bug

v1.1 Patch
Change log:
- Added more unique NPCs to Solitude
- Fixed Vidar stealing horses bug
- Fixed vidar dan brynhildr dialogue bug
- NPCs can now get drunk


Known bugs:
- Custom NPCs have darker face color than the body. (Still waiting for Bethesda to fix it)
- Bards playing instrument has no sound