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More NPCs left unused now re-added....with their own purposes!!

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A spiritual successor to my previous mod, College Guards and Saarthaal Miners and Terek, this mod aims to restore more NPCs left unused and also gives each one a purpose to exist. This mod touches NPCs not touched by the Cutting Room Floor, so please. Do not ask about that i mean it.

Some NPCs in this mod have been re-purposed from their original purposes, such as Rogen and Thaer. They originally were meant to be carriage drivers, but since went unused and now have been re-purposed for this mod to be immersive.

NPCs Re-added:

Domna Magia - An Imperial that was placed in the middle of Solitude but left disabled in the vanilla game. She wears strange attire, but seems to lead a pretty normal life within Solitude.... perhaps she is not all she seems...
(Original purpose - Unknown)

Henrik - The poor sacrifice of the Potema Binding Ritual.
(Original purpose - To be a sacrifice in the Potem Binding Ritual)

Jolf - An unemployed sailor who now works at the Windhelm Docks, doing odd jobs.
(Original purpose - Unknown)

Drunk Cultist - A cultist in Morvunskar who had too much to drink as of late.... mayhaps she is too drunk to notice the difference between an intruder and one of her friends?
(Original purpose - To be placed in Morvunskar during the quest. Was never enabled, however.)

Castor the Puzzlemaker - An unfortunate dead bandit that can be found somewhere on Solstheim...
(Original purpose - To be found dead somewhere on Solstheim)

Rogen - A strange Nord who pops up in Solitude some time after the Hall of the Vigilants destruction... one would be wise to watch their steps around him.
(Original purpose - To possibly be the Volkihar ferryman or Carriage driver)

Makhel Abbas - An Orcish Hunter in the plains of Whiterun.
(Original purpose - To be hunting animals during a certain Civil War quest that was never implemented)

Athel Newberry - A private investigator that surveys the crashed ships around Skyrim's Northern Coasts.
(Original purpose - A private investigator in service to Rune. I had no idea if he was ever planned on being added in the game, but I did this mainly as an honorable mention)

Watchman - The poor thrall of the vampires who reside in the castle. He guards the main gate to Castle Volkihar.
(Original purpose - To guard the main gate to Castle Volkihar. Bethesda removes him after Serana is brought back to the castle, I added a copy of him back. I don't know why he is disabled afterwards in vanilla but its stupid)

Thaer - A simple Bosmer fisher in Riften, but will run off to become a Dawnguard Agent at the beginning of the Dawnguard DLC.
(Original purpose - To be a replacement for the Nordic carriage driver, Thaer, in Solitude)