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The mods adds dialogue to inn keepers allowing you to rent storage space in an inn.

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--- About this mod

This mod adds dialogue to inn keepers allowing you to rent storage space in an inn.
You will be able to rent some containers for your baggage in INN if you pay a little money.

I have made this mod for myself to play skyrim without house mod and vanilla house.
If you like INN, or need some containers while on a journey, I recommend this one.

 : This mod will not change NPC and Cell.
 : This mod need no DLC, no skse. and I've only tested this mod in old skyrim (not Special Edition and Legendary Edition).
 : Cell of INN storage do not have navmesh.

 I have made this mod referring to "Storage Container" mod by MannyGT.
That's a very simple and nice mod, and gave me a very nice idea for me. Thank you very much.

--- Install and UnInstall

I recommend using NMM to install.
if you want to uninstall this mod, please do not forget to take out your items in storage before uninstall.

:for User using old version
Please do not forget take out your items in storage, and uninstall old version .(please do not overwrite by new version!)
And, I recommend using "Save tool" for cleaning your save data.
Then, download new version and install.

--- Change Log

ver1.0            first release
ver1.1            added some containers, garbage. fixed some scripts, position and size of containers.
ver1.2            changed interior, added some containers,(please watching images)
                       deleted any functions(button for switching craft system, animation chair, bookshelf)
                       so, I recommend old version who like these features.

                       lighting became bit a dark than old version,
                       added a option to choose for paying (100 Gold), INN keeper will give you some foods.