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Small change in "Herbalism" mod of the wonderful "Requiem - Behind the Curtain" overhaul:
Naturopathy perk no longer requires Alchemy skill 25 and it is united with Herbalism on the Alchemy perk tree as Rank-2 and Rank-1, respectively.

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Herbalism and Naturopathy perks, added by the wonderful "Requiem - Behind the Curtain" overhaul mod, are supposed to help characters, who wish to abstain from using any kind of magic, including Alchemy, as I see it.
But still Naturopathy perk has a Alchemy Skill 25 as a requirement, what, in my opinion, is not quite logical. So I created this small mod that removes this reuirement and unites Naturopathy and Herbalism on the Aclhemy perk tree as Rank-2 and Rank-1 perks, respectively.