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Standalone CBBE Follower

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(Video was filmed in Skyrim Special Edition)

Where to find follower: Watch the Video that is what I made it for

Name: Alma Greymane
Age: 22
Body Type: CBBE
Combat Style: Human 1H Boss
Weapons: Skyforge Steel Sword (modified DMG), Ebony Bow
Armor: CBBE converted Female Dragur Armor (think Aela) made by me
Follower Weight: 100
Height: .94
Voice: Young Eager
Backstory: Alma is the illegitimate child of Eorland Gray-Mane and Danica Pure-Spring. Raised by the mid-wife she was given the name Greymane a distantly related clan to the Gray-mane Clan of Whiterun. As a teenager Alma was brought to Whiterun and trained to fight by Aela. She excels in 1 handed combat and Archery.

Requirements: only Skyrim.esm

Other stuff:
Alma will only be CBBE. I'm only uploading a loose files version but I have NOT included the Bodyslide files. If you need to use Outfit Studio for some reason on the armor, then make your own bodyslide Files.
This follower will be available on Special Edition and on Xbox1
Skyrim Special Edition version found here

Ashers2Ashers for Make A Follower Kit
Kalilies for KS Hairdos Renewal
JimtownIrish for True Brows
Lograam for the Eyes of Beauty
Calitentes for CBBE body
CaBal 120 for Skyforge Steel texture
Regenbot03 for Demoniac Skin
SleepyTigerEyes for teaching me to properly port to Special Edition