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Castle Albanna is a player home. Designed and built for a Vampire player, a clean , educated, refined Vampire. Located near Whiterun, it's a lair (not really a castle at all). The player home comes with a guest (follower) she is custom voiced and may stay or go depends on how she feels about you.

Permissions and credits
Lord Albanna, a Vampire of some renown, fled Cyrodiil being hunted for killings he did not commit.  He found his way to Skyrim.  His lair, Castle Albanna, is a player home with all the amenities, forge, crafting tables, and many others items.  There is a small  quest to complete before you can find the lair.  There is a house guest that may or may not become your follower.  She is custom voiced by Kerstyn "Kikiapplus", who has other done other mods, such as Kamira and A Feathered Friend.  A very talented voice actress and an up and coming star.    

The house is fully functional with:

Blacksmith area.. work bench, sharpening wheel, wood chopping block, smelter, tanning rack, and blacksmith forge
Crafting area ...Enchanting table and Alchemy Table
Master bedroom
Guest room and Thralls area
Reading area
Large Main Den with Fire place and working Mannequins
Plenty of storage and display areas
Great location, close to schools and shopping

Warning:  In the quest you will have to read and figure out clues, I did not include quest markers, I want you to read the Journals to get the back story about the characters.  Not to worry there is not much traveling involved.

To have Leala more interactive with the environment and NPC are in the works.
I left Leala in plain clothes because you will dress her as you want anyway.
Since this is a WIP   Please make yourself a save point BEFORE to load this mod...  just in case.

NOTE:   When meeting Leala for the first time, Bethesda changed some parameters with custom dialogue that (sometimes) makes custom dialogue not appear when first meeting a newly installed/clean-save-updated follower. Leala should speak to you at the gate.  If she does not, save; exit to the desktop; run Skyrim again and load the save. The dialogue should now appear.