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You'll need to Food drink and sleep. Enjoy eating, drinking and sleeping.

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- Check the changelogs for changes -

※ The mod will start automatically after one day. (It starts at 10 o'clock-AM.) : game time.. XD

Your Need
By default you cannot die from neglecting your needs. Your 'needs' will not exceed 16 hours. (default)
Messages will appear in the upper left corner detailing your current state. (default: every 2hours)
All needs are measured in hours you can go without addressing that need before it begins to affect you.

The specifics:
Hunger: 3 types of food: Minor food, Medium food and Hearty food.
Minor / Medium / Hearty food restore 1/5/9 hours of hunger. 
Debuff lowers heal rate and 300 point lower carry weight.

Food is divided into raw meat, raw food, Sweet food, and cooked food.
Also, Depending on the size of the food, divided into minor food, medium food, hearty food.

 1. Raw meat
Eating raw meat with satiate you but can also harm you.
You can overlook the raw debuff is weak, but you will realize that it will be deadly over time.
Raw food has a negative impact on health and stamina.
Depending on the size of the food, poison damage increases gradually.
Also, hunger is not filled with raw meat.

 2. Raw food
Raw food is, uncooked foods, or more specifically, foods in their natural state – nothing more, nothing less.
Raw food will gain no effects. It does not get bad effects, but hunger can not be solved either.

 3. Sweet food
Sweet food that can feel honey and sugar.
If you eat this food, your magicka will be restored.
Mead, Sweet roll, honey, ..etc.

 4. Cooked food
It is safe from all the debuffs you can get when you eat raw meat.

Thirst: 3 types of drinks: small, large and special.
Small (alcohol and fruit) / Large (water and milk) / Special (Velvet LeChance (Talen-Jei)) restore 2/5/9 hours of thirst. The stew & soups depends on the main ingredient.
  - Water collected from wells in city. No needs empty water bottle.
  - All alcohol can get small drink.
  - (Red/Green) Apples and tomatoes are classified as beverages.
  - You can make juice using (Red) apples or tomatoes. (non-alcoholic beverages)
   Alcohol : Consuming alcohol 1 times will put you in a drunken state, produce visual impairment effects.. (it lasts 20 sec) 
Debuff lowers stamina and shout recovery rate longer.

Sleep: Any amount of sleep restores sleep to maximum value.
Debuff lowers magica regen rate and move speed.

use MO / NMM / Manual.

Disable the mod through the config spell's disable/enable menu to avoid a bug where the debuff effects will persist permanently after the mod is disabled. This is a problem with the game engine and not with the mod. After disabling in game, deactivate/delete the mod files. I would recommend preforming a clean save to be safe.

Conflicts and support:
May conflict with other mods that alter food or drinks. This mod does not support unofficial patch. (Only food added as an unofficial patch, not all food)

Forward plan
Widget adoption - Improved visibility

Thank you so much griffinsclaw and Thicketford and bfadragon and nedellis.