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Dylan James - Duplicated for LE by takahirn

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'Back-ported' (duplicated) version of the namesake mod for Skyrim Special Edition, applying pseudo- 'subsurface scattering' effect shaders to mimic skin transparency and improve visuals, with permission from original mod author (s). Requires neither ENB nor SKSE. Light-weighted. Includes no script except for Modern Brawl Bug Fix.

Permissions and credits
SSE Original, developed by Dylan James: Subsurface Scattering Shaders for Skins

First of all, I dare to say that this mod is not for those who can play Skyrim LE with ENB, enabling proper/real subsurface scattering (SSS) effect.


This mod can be regarded as a 'back-port' of the SSE mod to Skyrim LE.
The original mod for SSE aims at mimicking subsurface scattering effect, mainly the simulated somewhat complex reflection of lights way into the half-translucent object like skins.
In short, such mechanism would make human/mer actors less like plastic skins, which lacks in SSE.

While many ENB for LE can make use of this visual effect, however, most of ENBs for Skyrim LE with proper SSS effect are unfortunately simply too system-taxing for potato laptop like mine.


Thus, I found the original SSS shader mod by Dylan James on SSE Nexus, and decided to do a kind of bark-port of this mod from SSE to LE, by duplicating the same mechanic and the same values.

The visual effect shader on PC and surrounding actors, (a sort of red tint), enabled by this mod, is not always visible, but I hope that this shader will add somewhat similar visual effect to subsurface scattering, at least to some extent.

As for Console command to toggle on/off the effect:
  • Turning Effect on by Console (Default: ON): Open the console window, type 'startquest ssslequest', and close the window.
  • Turning Effect off by Console: Open the console window, type 'stopquest ssslequest' and close the window.

Nothing (No DLC, No ENB, No SKSE), since It's just a 'pseudo' SSS shader, not the real one.
Due to the application mechanic (cloak spells), it is recommended to use some kind of Brawl bug Fixes, but the scripts of most popular one are already included in this package
(See below: Possible Conflict Section).

Possible conflict: 
This mod applies the pseudo SSS shader on PC and neighboring actors by cloak spells.
So, it will conflicts the mods with similar mechanics like:

Also the cloak spell requires the brawl bug patch during some vanilla brawl scenes,
so I include the scripts from EnaiSiaion's Modern Brawl Bug Fix, probably the latest and the most popular brawling bug patch, as SSE original does.
Except for these anti- brawl bug scripts, this mod is script-free.

Install/ Uninstall:
  • recommended to use mod manager like either NMM or MO.
  • When uninstalled, I also recommend to use the console 'stopquest ssslequest' beforehand, go into the separate cell (preferably without any other actors than PC), then save and uninstall the mod.

- Don't you know the difference between Form 43 (for LE) and Form 44 (exclusive for SSE)?  It's impossible to backport the mod from SSE to LE! 
Of course not. What I did for 'back-porting' was copying the value/ settings of the original ones into completely new .esp manually one by one, neither the direct copy of .esp file itself nor data structure.
The whole .esp file for LE was created and edited by LE's CK and xEdit.
- It's too far from proper, real  'subsurface scattering' effect!
Neither of course (since it just a sort of adds dark red tint in accordance with the surrounding light level), but it is better than nothing at least, I assume.
I'm really bad at adjusting the original values of SSE version, optimized for Obsidian Weathers and Seasons, so the values remain the same, (i.e. mechanical port), but this one and SSE original are hopefully to share the exact same functionality.

- Using cloak spell? It must be heavy-weight!
Probably not, I hope.
At least I experience only one CTD (caused by vanilla quest bug), and no noticeable FPS drops during ca. 10 hours test play-through.


Last but not the least, I really thank Dylan James, the mod author of the original SSE version, as well as DavidJCobb, the mod author of Cobb Rim Lighting, the framework of applying membrane shaders around PC, for their generous permission granted to mine to 'port' the original mod to LE, based on the latter.
If you like this small ported one, please visit at their original mod pages and endorse them!
What I did was just to copy the values for 'back-port'!


Credits and Special Thanks:
- Dylan James for Original SSE version: Subsurface Scattering Shaders for Skins
- DavidJCobb for the original framework of this mod's, the membrane shader applied to actors, Cobb Rim Lighting
- mindflux for, included in Skyrim Particle patch for ENB
- EnaiSiaion for the scripts from Modern Brawl Bug Fix