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Restores the Shalidor's Mirror spell from Arena and Daggerfall which allows you to reflect enemy spells. Unlike similar mods, this one works perfectly against concentration spells. The spellbook is provided as an additional reward in a related high level quest.

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Shalidor's Mirror is an ancient spell from Arena and Daggerfall that allows the caster to reflect spells back to the attacker. The spell was probably meant to be included in Skyrim which even contains a reflection sound file, but it didn't happen.

This mod does that. It provides a fully functional Shalidor's Mirror spell based on my implementation of Reflective Wards which, unlike a similar mod, work perfectly against concentrated spells as well as aimed ones. It also restores the reflection sound. It's available for the player character as an additional reward in a related high level quest. Here's a video by Ikari showcasing the spell. Please note that the spell occupies both hands, and there's a good reason for that, but it can (and should) be overcharged.

The mod should win a conflict with Cutting Room Floor, otherwise you won't receive the spellbook, but a scroll of magicka instead.