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Batwing Demons are slender winged and completely blind lesser daedra. These demons infest Oblivion's highest dark nooks in destructive bands. Carrying bone spears embedded in electricity, although weak, in large numbers they can be a problem.

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Mihail Mods Development Report-
winged nightmares

Batwing Demons are pale-pink winged and completely blind creatures, with tall rear legs and long arms ended in sharp talons, a sadistic smile on their strange faces, also adorned by a pointed nose and long ears, purple in color at their extremities. Their limbs are blood red in color, and along their spines small pointed spikes grow, culminating in their long tails that seem to have no use aside, possibly, to balance their bodies during flight. Coming from the kingdoms of Oblivion, they seem to be particularly common in Coldharbour, where they infest fortresses and mountain peaks. In Skyrim, a small colony settled in the Volkihar clan fortress, occupying the highest peaks, while another swarm, this one much more numerous, infests the highest regions of the Forgotten Valle, inhabiting the rocky mountains and the ruins of snow elves, and having a symbiotic relationship with the falmers. There are even reports of people who claim to have seen them using batwing demons as a means of air transport, and therefore as a means of connection between hives inside and outside the valley. More than a handful of visual witnesses have reported having seen these demons in the skies carrying these also strange pale elves covered in chitin armor.

Another variant of Batwing Demon exists and is known as Night-gaunt. Their coloring is much darker, almost completely black, and instead of the traditional sadistic smile and long ears, they have a faceless head with a pair of curved horns. It is not known, however, whether it is part of their body, or just a type of helm they created from the bones of their own species, such as their spears. These are often found in Soul Cairn, and infest ruins, usually on top of towers or pillars. Some are also described as inhabitants of the kingdoms of Nocturnal and Vaermina, and even of the darkest places in Coldharbour. The few who manage to have enough mental strength to travel the Shivering Isles and return to Nirn with enough sanity to report their stories, say that the Batwing Demons are common in that realm too, with the common version occurring in Mania, and the Night-gaunts infesting Dementia.

In combat they use their long bony spear, both to emit electric ranged attacks and for direct combat. They are fast, but generally weak, and prefer to attack from a distance. Not being particularly high daedras both in hierarchical scale, as in intelligence or physical prowess, Batwing Demons only become a problem if they manage to use their high numbers in their favor.

- 2 new creatures- batwing demon and night-gaunt

- They have custom behaviour, sounds, spells, effects, loot

- 2 new weapons

- The last Skyrim Update

- DLC Hearthfire
- DLC Dawnguard
- DLC Dragonborn


Mihail- models, textures, effects, spells, animations, sound, loot, weapons, game implementation

Some assets used on this mod belong too:

Anton0028- for the animations i used for the wing flap
I made the batwing demon inspired on the one of same name that appeared
on Dark Souls 1 by Miyazaki and made the night-gaunt inspired on the ones of
same name created by H.P. Lovecraft, so thanks to both for the inspiration