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The first mod to allow conditional fast travel in a performance friendly and stable fashion! Also adjust conditions when you are allowed to use the games wait-function, like when sitting down.

Permissions and credits
Ever wanted to make the game more challenging? Isn't it
weird that you can just teleport anywhere you want,
at any time you want?

  •  Conditional fast travel; disable fast travel when not on a horse, during the night, when not near a road, etc - see the screenshot.
  •  Conditional waiting.
  •  Event based, dynamically, performance friendly implemented scripts - no scripts running in the background.
  •  Safe to uninstall.
  •  Reliable - fast travel won't suddenly start/stop working due to latent scripts.
  •  Everything is completely configurable in the MCM menu.

  • All DLC's
  • SKSE
  • SkyUI

Reported issues when using a gamepad that the wait module doesn't work as intended. For now simply do not enable the Wait Module in the MCM if you use a gamepad.

  1.  Disable the mod in the MCM menu.
  2.  Make a save and remove the esp-file.
  3.  Done. Optionally, you can just disable the mod entirely in the MCM and just leave it in your load order, no scripts are running and no events are listened for.

What makes this mod unique
All other mods I've come across which are trying to achieve conditional fast travel have scripts running in the background, dragging down performance and doesn't even work all the time. The problem is that these mods use the games built in parameter variable to disable fast travel during runtime. This variable is reset frequently, for example when exiting a menu or when closing the world map. This means that the player at these times will be able to fast travel even though it is supposed to be disabled. The simple solution is to just run the conditional check script when the map menu is opened, rather than at intervals.

The SKSE team
GrumpyBalrog and Conditional Fast Travel, which a lot of inspiration and ideas is inherited from in the creation of this mod.