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Berts Breezehome Remodel A completely new house with cellar, games room, exterior, greenhouse, underground cavern garden called Dragonsreach Grotto & Dave the pet house dragon & a quest to get it all!

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Latest News
Updated TheHellHunt's walk-through video to the latest 2.1 & added her bug hunt video to the bottom for finding all the jars to bring the garden grotto to life.

Added a video walkthrough of getting the house by TheHellHunt to the very bottom of this page with the txt walkthrough!
Be aware, Spoilers!!!!!

Lydia and spouse addons now available!!
Lydia now has a life beyond just following you around or sitting in the house!
Check the included txt file for foll details!
The spouse addon steals the Breezehome option, so just tell them to live in Breezehome and they'll go live in the Remodel. It must be installed before you get married!

The latest, Final, Version 2.1, is now posted!!!
This version requires a completely clean install even if you had the previous 2.0 plus 2.1 quickfix, gather up all your goods, including any bug jars from the grotto, exit the house and , for safety, travel to another city and make a full save (you may want to off-load in the MiniBreeze as there in now a small quest to get the key!), then quit and uninstall the previous version, reload/continue and save again to remove all traces of the previous version from your save file then install this new version.
Check the readme (though there's not a lot in it!) and below for any further information!

If uninstalling V.1.2 for good be sure to turn the custom exterior & greenhouse off in the master ledger first!!!!

bert ;-)



An updated walkthrough of the main house, cellar and garden by TheHellHunt (V.2.1)---------------------A walkthrough of the last version by PonchoSam(V.1.5)

Bert's Breezehome Remodel[/size]

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Bert's Breezehome Remodel V.2.0

This mod is a complete replacement for Breezehome in Whiterun.
The original Breezehome has been moved next to the graveyard, behind the Battleborn house.
To gain acces to the house you must first complete a small quest to obtain the key, the quest itself is not finished yet, but the story that goes with the new house needs it. It will be updated in the not-too-distant future.
To begin your quest, you will find a journal on the chest in the bedroom of the original Breezehome, in it you will find details of Remo's (the guy who built the house) last adventure, follow in his footsteps (and take a pickaxe) tofind the key, and a little something else! There are also two more journals hidden in the original breezehome that can only be found once you have purchased certain of the uprages from the steward!
The house is complete and will only be recieving minor updates and tweaks from now on! (And probably a few DLC aimed addons!)
I'll not go into detail of what the house holds (finding out for yourself is part of the fun, after all!) other than to say, THIS is what a thanes house should be like!!!

Stuff I missed in the readme:

High points

Autosorting containers throughout the house plus a Super-Sorter next to the front door that when activated will store all your goods automatically.

When using the crafting stations, smithing, alchemy, cooking etc. your crafting goods will automatically be got from their containers, raw food, ore, ingots, potions ingredients etc. for you to use then replaced when you are done!!
The Enchanting table (it really is lovely! lol!) will "auto-get" all your gemstones and replace them when done, though it takes count of how many you start with and refills those when finished!

Self-dressing mannequins that can be crouch-activated and told what type of armour to wear, or told to select a new type of armour at random every time you enter the room!

Self-filling weapon racks, similar to the mannequins but with a button, will automatically fill all 5 weapon racks plus the dual weapon/shield plaques above them in the cellar for each section of wall!

Self-filling bookshelves, crouch-activatable, for instantly filling each shelf with a specific book type, standard large, small or mixed, spell-tomes or skill books!

Self-displaying food & booze, once you've filled and opened at least once either the raw foods chest, the cooked foods shelf, the herbs shelf or the booze shelves, whatever you've got in stock will be set out around the house for you to take! The foods are all static so cannot be knocked over and once taken the house will instantly replace it (if you have more in stock) and tell you how many are left!
The herb shelf is for those ingredients that are used in both cooking and alchemy, the Super-Sorter automatically devides what it store between the herb shelf and the ingredients barrel in the cellar!

Change-able walls, floors and ceilings! In the cellars you can choose between 2 different styles, default brickwork or white-walls!
In the house you can choose between 13 types of floor, 13 different walls (including 11 custom) and 5 options for the floors, giving you a total of 845 different combinations to choose from!!!!!
It's your house, shouldn't it look the way you want it to?!?!?!!

And thats just the tip of the iceberg!!

Notes & Stuff

Once you have entered the house I highly recommend taking a tour and reading ALL the journals you find as most of these explain what the house does and how to do it, as well as the history behind the house!

Hearthfire users, you must enter the newly placed vanilla Breezehome at least once for the game to update where your child lives!!

The newly placed vanilla Breezehome may conflict (visually) with other mods that change Whiterun, you can turn it off inside the Remodel, but don't worry, Lydia and any kids will still use it, you just can't see it!

BIG HINT: Take a pickaxe, torches & watch your step!!!

Kudos, credits & thanks:

Niire for her inspiration and work on earlier versions of the house! Without her the house would probably not be as beautifull!!
You can check out more Niire goodness in her mods:
Niire's Honeyside
Nirre's Proudsire
Nirre's Hjerim
PurpleIsis for her inspiration and help with plant/bug cataloging. The Grotto is for her!
TheHellHunt for her wonderfull walkthrough video (V.1.2-ish) and for pointing me to the info needed to fix the shadow striping!
PonchoSam for his great walk-through of V.1.5. (love that intro!)
qlhaele for making his excellent autosort scripts available, which i then shamelessly and ruthlessly tore apart and rebuilt in my sledgehammer scripting!!!
Automatic Item Storage(This mod is no longer supported by the author!)
For the lovely new textures and meshes added to the house I would like to thank Blary, Oaristys, Darkrider, and yourenotsupposedtobeinhere for their work! Their work helps make a house a home!
Grimoas for his picture frames which i've used in the WIP!
& many thanks to IsharaMeradin for her easy-to-follow guide for 1st/3rd person checking!

If I have missed anyone out, I do apologise, please let me know and I'll add you to the list!

berticus0001 ;-)

Comments & Reviews

Got something to say that you feel is too important to be lost in the comments section or perhaps you want to leave a review, let me know in your comment or pm and I'll add it here!
Good or bad, let other users know what you think!

(All Images to be updated soon!)-------------------------

Installing By Hand
In the zip file you will find 2 folders, one called "fomod" which is the Nexus Mod Manager installer which you can ignore, and one called "Data" which contains all the mod files!
To install, copy the "Data" folder into your Skyrim install folder (the one where the file TESV.exe lives) and when windows tells you that "A folder called Data already exists..." hit Yes/OK to merge the new files into theoriginal data folder. Once you have copied the "Data" folder, in the "Data" section of your Skyrim launcher set the load order to that below to avoid files overwriting each other during runtime in an undesirable manner!

To uninstall simply delete all the files listed below that you use as well as the .bsa & .bsl files.

File Load Order

In the original Breezehome bedroom you'll find a journal on the chest, this is an account of Remo's last, disastrous adventure!
Once you've read this quick-travel to the stables and directly in front of you there is a grate in the city wall, head round the right of the stables and up the hill to this and you'll enter the garden grotto. Now head along the right hand wall and you'll find a quick-silver vein of ore, mine this to open a new passage and head down there. Once you reach dry land, follow the bank all the way along untill you see some stairs going up, then, once on higher ground, head all the way back the way you came. At the very end you'll find a falmer tent up on it's own and in there you'll find an egg sitting on a bail of hay, a chest in the middle and the door key sitting on the rock beside it, grab the lot and head all the way back to the fort at the far end. Go through the door and this will take you back to the grotto, head left to find the trap-door into the house, read all the journals, try everything out, and have fun!

It's a bug (jar) hunt!

A look at where all the bug jars are in-game for bringing your garden grotto to life by TheHellHunt.

TheHellHunt's video walkthrough of how to get the house without buying the vanilla Breezehome!

p.s. L.O.V.E the benny!!!!}

bert ;-)