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Face the consequences of your acts ! This overhaul avoid the temptation to save every times you will attempt a dangerous move.
Death alternative mod make sense now ;) Fueled by the excellent Axonis' SafeAutosave ! Bonus, this mod could increase the viability of your save ;)

Permissions and credits
Skyrim Safe Save System Hardcore Overhaul
With a safety belt
(Please read this entirely before comment)


I always felt that Skyrim save system makes the game too easy, even with death alternative mods, I'm always tempted to reload. I tried a lot of them but I never been satisfied, certainly because I'm weak willled, but i always convince myself that I've got a good reason to load my last save.

As everybody knows Skyrim can be very instable even when you mod it properly,  so, it took me a long time to find a solution which permits to block vanilla cheating save system, bring some stress feeling to my gameplay and kept a good security to avoid to lost 2 hours of progression or break my game.

The idea behind this mod is to make tedious the fact to reload a save, as that you can't access to the saves made during your gameplay,  you must quit, move the save and restart the game to load it. Only the one you make when you quit stays in your save folder. So death alternative mods became more important and useful. (It loses a big interest without them).

This mod tricks the save system to avoid this temptation and try to oblige you to face the consequences of your acts. But, don't be too scared, I included a safety belt ;)
So be ready to feel the adrenaline flowing in your veins at each encounters, every dangerous moves or important choices.

My personal choice is Mark of Arkay by Mort65 (give it a try, it is an excellent one), i use it for all my test, but it should works with every other mods as my mod enhances vanilla system, compatibility is maximal.

Bonus, this mod could increase the viability of your save ;) How ? By forcing you to quit the game, you avoid a well known Skyrim engine problem which doesn't flush memory properly when you load a save and leads to glitches, bug or script crashes. Nice, isn't it ?

How it works
This mod include two parts:

A classic mod based on the excellent Axonis' mod SafeAutosave , from my point of view, it is the best autosave mod on nexus, especially because Axonis included a lot of safety checks before saving If you only look for an autosave system, go for it ;))

Two VBS script inspired by the work of Sokco816 on its mod, Save overhaul which is sadly incompatible with death alternative mod.

The mod part:
It manages your saves, it will save every X minutes (configurable), but not during conditions that may lead to crashes or annoying pauses. It includes a rotating save system so you can revert to older save if needed. Useful, if you make a big mistake (like breaking you game or kill somone that you really don't want).  It is extremely light on resources because it doesn’t focus too much on when to save, but when to not save.

When you press the save & quit key, it will save a last time before quitting the game.
More details about the safe autos ave system:
The script part:
It moves every automated saves made by the mod part to a folder called "SafeSave" taht you can't access when you play, and deletes other kind of saves, except the one triggered when you hit the "save & quit" key. After this one is written on your hard drive, your game is closed automatically. The second script is too kill the first one if your game crash or if you need to make a save (for testing purpose or before manipulate things with Jaxonz positioner for example)

How to use
When you start a new game, I suggest you don't launch the vbs script and configure all your mods before. Just in case...

• Launch SSSSSHOInit.vbs before running your game (you can run it after it is not a problem)
• Disable skyrim autosave features
• Configure the MCM
• Don't forget to set your save & quit key (I suggest you to put it on F5)
• Play and feel the fear ;)
• When you perform the "save & quit" save, the script close itself. (If your skyrim is closed accidentally and you want to restart it, you don't need to launch the script a second times.)

How to install
The mod part:
Drop it in your load order, you can put it anywhere, You need SKSE and SkyUI.
Load order doesn’t matter and it’s compatible with everything, including Enderal.
You can safely install it mid-game or upgrade from an old version, and you can safely uninstall it by removing it from your load order

The script part:

SSSSHOInit.vbs & SSSSHOForce_quit.vbs must be copied in C:\Users\[your name]\Documents\my games\Skyrim

Special instruction for Mod organizer user
: You must disable local save profile.
My script doesn't work with it for the moment. I work on a better version of it to include this support.
Don't be worry if you multiple character on same load order, the named save option counteract this problem and let you save without overwriting save from another characters.

How to restore a save
It is very simple:
• Close your game
• Open your C:\Users\[your name]\Documents\my games\Skyrim\SafeSave, and copy your save to C:\Users\[your name]\Documents\my games\Skyrim\Saves
• Launch your game and load your save.

• If you want to kill the script for whatever reason (Skirym CTD and you don't want to restart a game), launch SSSSHOForce_quit.vbs.
• Every saves are full save, no quicksave.
• Automated save are named Autosave safe + your character name (if you select the feature in the MCM)
• I kept the same name as original mod to avoid mistake, thus it is impossible to use them together.

Planned Features/Updates
• Even if this version works as intended, I want to discard all external scripts and use only game functions to achieve my
goals which virtually should make this mod compatible with everything.

• This version works perfectly, updates will not be needed unless report of a serious problem.

My releases

Stability Performance Optimization ENB Configuration - a Comprehensive Guide
The Notice Board by MannyGT UPDATED
Auto Unequip Shield to Back Custom followers compatibility patches
Glass fix for Wearable lanterns SMIM patch (optional HDTPE support)
It is mine - Claim your property (Change ownership)
Patches central for Invisibility Glitch - Eyes Fix and Invisibility Eye Glitch Multifix
Technicolor Alchemy Overhaul - Support for Wiseman303's Flora Fixes and CACO
Higher Difficulty - Adjusted Encounter Zone and Leveled NPCs
The Sober Soldier's Supply - Lore-friendly Wine and Mead Smelting CACOIFIED
Better lighting for Face Light and Facelight Plus
Simple bathing (in collaboration with clioshand)
Moonlight Tales Essential - Unable to equip chest armor bug fixer

Thank to Axonis for his SafeAutosave mod and his authorization to modify it.
Credit to Sokco816 for his great idea which inspired this mod.