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Add simple recipes for deconstructing junk items, armor, and wepaons, as well as, making lockpicks, soul gems based on alteration perks, arrows, and upgrading items to the next material like turning ebony into daedric.

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I've had these posted for quite a while over on Steam, figured it's time to bring them here.

The installer lets you pick and choose, or install all as a single merged plugin.

These mod contain only new recipes, no other changes beyond that, and it changes no original recipes.

Just Lockpicks:
Adds an Iron and Steel lockpick recipe to the forge.  Steel recipe requires Novice Locks perk to be active.

Just Soul Gems:
Adds a petty soulgem to the smelter for everyone, and each rank of alteration perk (Novice/Apprentice/Adept/Expert/Master) lets you craft higher types, all the way up to Black.

Just Arrows:
Adds simple arrow recipes to the forge. 
Each craft creates 25 arrows, and all arrows beyond iron reqire iron arrows.
Each material also requires it's attributed smithing perk. (AdvancedArmors for Nordic Arrows, etc)
You also get an alternate recipe to use steel arrows instead of iron, to assist in late-game.

Instead of creating fletchings or other components, I instead chose Iron arrows to be the base of all recipes, and made a simple recipe for iron arrows being firewood, leather strips, and iron. 

Mass Smelting:
Adds mass smelting recipes to the smelter, and a mass leather strip recipe to the tanning rack.
Recipes are for 10, 25, and 50 ingots respectively.
Leather strip recipes are 40, 100, 200.

Recipe also added for combining corundum ingots and iron ingots into steel ingots, in 10-20-50 quantities. This specific recipe requires steelsmithing perk

Weapon/Armor Deconstruction:
No-frills deconstruction mod for weapons and armor.  Generally lose 1 ingot of the primary material in the process.  (A 3 dwarven mental item will return 2 dwarven metal, any extra items like leather strips are lost)

Weapon/Armor Deconstruction - DLC:
Same as the above deconstruction, but for dawnguard and dragonborn items.

Junk to Hearthfire Materials:
Adds recipes to turn many things into Straw, Glass, and Goat horns while adding recipes to recover iron/steel from hinges/locks and the like

Simple Loot and Junk deconstruction:
Many recipes to break down most items in vanilla skyrim into basic materials.  Balanced mostly around either weight or value.

Simple Item Upgrades:
Adds forge recipes to convert most weapons and armor into the next material, as long as the previous item satisfies most the extra requirements.  Iron can upgrade to steel can upgrade to nordic, but not nordic to ebony or ebony to stalhrim.  Daedric conversion recipes just take a heart.