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This mod adds 17 variants of dunmer afflicted by the extremely dangerous and incurable Corprus Disease. They are completely immune to age and disease and have super-human strenght and resistance, but live in constant and progressive physical and mental pain and degeneration, resulting in the horrendous corprus beasts they became.

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For Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): 

Corprus is spread by the Ashstorms and can be considered a deadlier version of the Blight, as both were
created by Dagoth Ur and are spread in the same fashion, via the Ashstorms. It can also be contracted
from Corprus-afflicted individuals, and allows the sufferer to become susceptible to Dagoth Ur's dream messages
(referred to by Morrowind denizens as "Soul Sickness"), which could possibly lead the victim to join the
Sixth House Cult,  thus having the bad effects removed, and beginning the conversion that starts with her being
transformed into an Ash Slave. Refusing to enter this process makes the corprus afflicted unable to
has removed the bad effects of this disease, and consequent decay.

Corprus is called "the Divine Disease" by members of House Dagoth, as they believe it to be the evolution of the
Dunmer race, bringing them unity and immortality, and protecting them from all outside influences, mainly the Empire.
In the Seven Trials of the Nerevarine, it is also referred to as the "Curse-of-Flesh."
A magical barrier, the Ghostfence, was created by Vivec, Almalexia and Sotha Sil, for the purpose of containing
the Blight and Corprus disease within the Red Mountain region. However, as the barrier slowly began to weaken,
the Blight and Corprus epidemic spread outside the Ghostfence.

The telvanni city Tel-Fyr had a Corprusarium, where the victims of Corprus could found refuge and
live the rest of their lives in relative peace, since clearly they seem to keep at least some sort of
awareness of themselves, despite the constant mental and phisical pain and distortion.

After infection, the disease follows a terrible path of decaying. Symptoms generally include a number of cancerous
growths and, in the diseases' later stages, violent insanity and increasing of the deformating tumors; those in the
medium stages of the disease become stronger and are referred to as Corprus Stalkers. In later stages, some,
whose growths are more debilitating, are called Lame Corprus beasts.

Corprus is considered incurable by the inhabitants of Morrowind. Divayth Fyr, a 4000-year old wizard working to uncover the nature of the disease and create a cure, and owner of the refered Corprusarium, has a theory that corprus is in fact not a disease, but rather a divine blessing that most mortals can't handle, pointing to the fact that the victims are completely immune to other diseases and don't age, also have inmense strenght, stamina and endurance, basically immortality.

After the defeat of Dagoth Ur, corprus remained, but now as a disease much rarer than before, since the only way of cantagious is now getting in contact with corprus victims. But, 200 hundred years after the fall of Dagoth Ur,
mysteriously the shadow of Dagoth has returned, and started again to spread the corprus, what increased again
the number of victims, but not at the point to get full attention of the great houses, specially because in current
times they need to deal with ash spawns, troubles with argonians and mainly the eruption of red mountain
itself, what destroyed all Vvardenfell. Also is still not indeed proved that Dagoth in fact has returned.
The great houses think that probably there is only some little number of sixth house followers trying to recreate
their house, but that do not represent any real danger, and that Corprus is still under control.

The eruption also destroyed the corprusarium, but Divayth managed to survive and created a new one on the coast close to Tel-Mithryn, on Solstheim, in order to find a cure and to destroy once and for all the shadow of Dagoth Ur (other mod)

Corprus Victims are a rare sight, you can encounter infected refugees close to morrowind frontiers hidding on ruins,
and on Solstheim you will find victims that commonly have fled from the Corprusarium. While some hide in deep
caves, some roam in small numbers on the ash covered plains of the island, attacking reavers and travelers.
The corprusarium receives infected people from all the mainland of Morrowind, and not all
of them accept easely their new faith as "prisioners" and "test subjects" inside that place.

Corprus Stalkers can take various forms, you can find male and female Infant Corprus, that are child
corprus stalkers, regular Corprus Stalkers, that appear in various outfits depending on their origins and
wielding different weapons, Corprus Chargers that are stalkers transforming into Lame Corprus, and Ravished
Corprus, that are basically female stalkers, commonly victim of violent rape done by the male ones.
Most still retain a degree of rationality, with some being yet able to talk.

Corprus Ghouls are stalkers that have gone completely insane like the lames, but without the big tumor
growths of the lame corprus, and the Corprus Hunters who are the extremely dangerous evolution of some
corprus ghouls, and both are completely irrational in that stage, and blind, due to tumors covering
completely their heads, and damaging partially their brains inside.

Lame Corprus seems to retain some sentience too, but are insane. They have enormous tumor growths and are competely deformed, also they have a more redish color caused by the heavy swelling on their enlarged blood vessels. The Corprus Abomination are the evolved variant of them, yet more deformed, strong and dangerous.

Corprus Pukers are the ones that have big tumors growing inside their stomachs, what makes them produce constantly an acid vomit, what can be used in combat by them.

Corprus Sorcerers are powerfull mages who contracted corprus, and managed to retain sentience and avoid
deformation for a long time using their magic powers, but endend transformed into lame beasts after a long
fight against the disease. Due to their previous efforts to contain the disease effects, they transformed
with much less deformations and retaining small magical abilities.

They all live in constant and ethernal phisical pain and mental suffering, so, they commonly will act agressively.
You can not contract Corprus from them, just Black Heart Blight. You can loot Corprus
Meat from all the creatures, and Corprus Weepings from the lame variants.

- 17 new respawnable corprus victims variants- 
Corprus Stalker using 1h iron bar
Corprus Stalker using 2h iron bar
Corprus Stalker using torch
Redoran Guard Corprus Stalker using 1h iron bar and torch
Imperial Soldier Corprus Stalker using 1h broken sword
Ravished Corprus using 1h broken mace
Ravished Corprus using torch
Corprus Charger using 1h wood pole
Infant Corprus male
Infant Corprus female
Corprus Ghoul
Corprus Hunter
Lame Corprus using 1h chair 
Lame Corprus using 1h larger wood pole
Corprus Sorcerer
Corprus Puker
Corprus Abomination using 2h larger wood pole

-custom loot (corprus meat and corprus weepings),
behaviour and sounds (each variant have unique sounds)

-new disease - Black Heart Blight

- The last Skyrim Update

- DLC Hearthfire
- DLC Dawnguard
- DLC Dragonborn

Mihail- models, textures, effects, sounds,
loot, animations, game implementation