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Steel and silver swords from The Witcher 3.

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The sword on the right is part of the scabbard. When switching between the silver and steel sword they swap positions.
They have a simple but useful and lore-friendly(ish) enchantment.
I recommend using a mod that lets you sheath one handed weapons on your back. (like XP32
To fully enjoy this mod and my Witcher Signs  mod, I recommend using a dual wield block mod, so you can have
a spell in the left hand and still block with the one-handed sword.

Just drop the files into your Skyrim data folder and check the .esp file.

You can craft them at a Forge and improve them on a Grindstone.
OR add them with the console command.
 Help silver 0
 Help steel 0
 Player.additem ###### 1

Special thanks to jrc0011 for letting me use his work.
The swords use some of the meshes and textures from his mod 
JRC's Witcher Style Sword Pack .
PS: In the download section I've added a collection of animations from all around the internet to provide a very witcher-like swordplay.