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Edit to the Silver-Blood Family Ring to make it significantly more useful.

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This mod changes the effects of the Silver-Blood Family ring to make it more useful, coming in several flavours;

V1: 25% fortify smithing (up from 15% vanilla), gives all weapons the silver weapon effect (+20 damage to undead) when equipped and reduce shout costs by 20% (same as Amulet of Talos, seeing as Silver-Bloods are Stormcloak supporters). The ring can no longer be disenchanted.

V2: As V1, but Talos amulet effect (reduce shout costs by 20%) replaced with Dibella amulet effect (Increase Speech skill by 15 points), seeing as Markarth hosts the temple of Dibella and Silver-Bloods are influential.

V3: As V2, but also has a 15% fortify barter effect.

V4: As V3, but the Silver weapon effect is removed.

Regarding the 'silver weapon effect', this adds a new magic effect called "Silver Aura". On equip the ring adds a new perk to the player which, if the player has the Silver Aura effect applied, increases weapon damage against werewolves, vampires and undead by 20pts unless the held weapon is made from silver (in which case it'll be dealt with by the normal Silver perk from vanilla skyrim). The Silver Aura effect doesn't do anything without this perk, it's basically a dummy for display and reference purposes. As with the SilverPerk from vanilla skyrim, this perk is never removed by the mod, but by how its written that shouldn't cause any issues as far as I know.
Thanks to Rasikko on Nexus forums for help with this.