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Replaces the egg and nest textures and allows you to break them open like the force of destruction you are.

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This mod has two parts:

First, it replaces the texture for the eggs and nests. It effects the hawk nests and eggs from Hearthfire as well.

Second, it allows you to smash open the eggs with weapon, arrow, or spell for a raw egg yolk and an egg shell. The spider eggs don't drop a shell or yolk but will explode into spider hatchlings everywhere if you hit them which you do not have to do (either a valuable lesson for your Dovahkiin or a continuation of their war on spiders). The mod does not use any scripts to accomplish this.

The egg yolk is a food item, making it an easy meal if you have some eggs but no cooking pot or just want to feel like Gaston. The shell is an extremely weak version of the ingredient - it's basically junk, but having it pick-upable allows you to clean up your mess!

 If you want to use just renthal's textures, which are great, they can be found here.

There is also an option for using renthal311's nest and egg models along with the esp to make them breakable (here with permission). There's a comparison screen above to help you choose.

Broken egg model from here with permission.