About this mod

Adjusts models to look better in the inventory menu.

Permissions and credits
This mod makes some adjustments to item models so that they look a bit better in the inventory menu.

Some of the adjustments could probably be described as fixes but most are just small tweaks to show the item better.

v1.2 adds a Fomod installer so you can customize your install which will hopefully help with compatibility.

I've added my tweaks to smim meshes for some of the dwemer clutter items so you need to place this mod after SMIM or overwrite it. All unofficial patch fixes have been carried over. This will also be the case with future versions.

Due to the fact this mod has to edit meshes, it's probably quite prone to conflicts with other mesh replacers. This shouldn't be a problem though so long as you place this mod after SMIM but before anything else that conflicts.

Credits & Thanks:
Brumbek for making one of the most important Skyrim mods ever and then making it a resource. SMIM.
Unofficial Patch team for the fixed meshes.
Nifskope. Tool used for adjusting the meshes.

Should anyone have the need for it, this mod can also be considered a modders resource.