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Adds standalone lore-abolishing weaponry.
Hurt & Humiliate your opponents.

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Currently Includes
9 Weapons, 1 Shield & 1 Ammo type

Toy Hammer (2H & 1H)
It is said there's an ancient weapon, a great hammer which not only brutally murders your enemies but also humiliates them in the process.

Quarter-Life Crowbars (2H & 1H)
Using these strange metallic object might have... unforeseen consequences...

Rolling Pin (1H)
Make bread, break heads.

Scissors (2H & 1H Sword & Dagger)
Cut out the split ends in your life.

Stop Sign (2H & Shield)
People just need to STOP. (With added legibility for dragons)

Plunger Projectiles
These arrows will help you take care of that nasty bit of business your cousin left behind, without even having to come close!

My first mod
I mainly made this for myself to see if I could, but I might as well share it.

In the future I might make more gag weapons and possible quests or integrate the weapons other than just smithing them at a forge.
Or even make a more lore-friendly pack. 
But for now it's just an overpowered people bumper.

It's safe to say this is not a lore friendly mod.
I also sorta take requests, I'll make if I like em

Just use Mod Organizer like any other sane person.


Added Scissors 1H (With sound FX)
Added 1H & 2H Scissorblades
Added 2H Stop Sign
Added Stop Sign Shield
Fixed blood FX on Crowbars

Added 1H Toy Hammers
Added 1H & 2H Crowbars (including special sound effects)
Added 1H Rolling Pins
Fixed hammer sound bug (as far as I know)
Better lighting/materials

Added Plunger Arrows

Toy Hammer (Overpowered)

LeckerHamster for his tutorial