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You can now cast any spell through weapons or un-enchanted staffs.

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This is a simple mod for the aspiring Battlemage. If you have a weapon enchanted with the Arcana enchantment, or an unenchanted staff, you can cast spells through them via power attacks.

To set this up, use the lesser power Battlemage Configuration that should be added when you load the game. With this you can set what spells are cast during what power attacks. You can set different spells to cast during either Standing, Forward, Left, Right, Backward, and Bash power attacks. You can also set a spell to cast when you use an unenchanted staff.

Also using the Battlemage Configuration power, you can choose different profiles to use. You can set up to 5 profiles with 6 power attack castings, plus the staff casting. In the MCM you can also set up a hotkey to change what profile you're using at any one time.

Some other things to note:
-You get the Arcana enchantment from an Arcane Steel Sword. You can find one in Farengar's quarters.
-Spells cast using this system do give some experience, but only during combat
-Concentration spells can be used, but they'll only be last for one second
-Due to the mechanics of the mod, the spells won't always line up perfectly with the attack
-Unenchanted staffs can be bought from the vendors at the College of Winterhold, or from Neloth on Solstheim
-Spells cast through staffs cost slightly less compared to casting them through a weapon or with your hand