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You can now pay Vex in the Thieves Guild to learn the locations of the Stones of Barenziah.

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Like almost everyone else, I have never found all of the Stones of Barenziah, and I didn't want to look up their locations on a wiki. I also didn't want a mod that simply pointed them out for you without any consequences or payment. So, I made my own mod that points out the location of these damned stones, at a price.

After you have learned about the Stones of Barenziah from Vex, you can prod her further about them. She will offer to give you the location of one of the stones, for 1000 gold. This will give you a quest marker leading to one of the stones. After you have found this stone, it will take about a week for Vex to track down the location of another one, then you can pay her again to learn the location of the next stone.

All of the dialogue is voiced using vanilla files.

Some other things to note:
I have moved the three stones that are blocked via non-Thieves Guild quests; the stones in the College of Winterhold, the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary, and Proudspire Manor have been moved to nearby locations. Also the stone in the Haarbinger's quarters has also been moved, so you don't have to awkwardly walk past two werewolves having an existential crisis.

It is recommended you install the mod before you grab any of those four stones. Beyond that, this mod can be installed at any time.