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My Werewolf form as a race with dialogue enabled(as in you walk around and talk to humans without trouble). i have also added seperate color replacers, as well as new perk tree, blood, and loot enabler for beast mode; which are contained in the main file.

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This mod used to be split up soooo bad. so i had took it upon myself to make it to where you no longer need to go searching around for everything you need using a ton of different mods which can take up a lot of space. heres what i did:

-Added blood and gore.
-new werewolf perk tree.
-werewolf race permanent.
-looting enabled for werewolf race
-race compatibility specific for this race
-race controller
-an alternate start to prevent start up issues: i added this because on vanilla start my race is literally built to never bend over the chop block. and so this alternate start was added.
-High set rag-doll effects: people u hit now have rag-doll enabled.

SKSE: please download skse because it will extend the skript making your game crash a lot less with the mass mod this is. plus if u have other mods you use of course.

PLEASE: make sure your files are in the right locations and have the right mods because the blood mods can affect your gameplay