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removes gold from the inventory of all draugr as well as the generic dragon priests, as well as those dead draugr that act as containers.
optionally removes gold from ghost remains as well.

Permissions and credits
Quick and Simple edit of Draugr Leveled List in Tes5edit that removes gold from draugr and dragon priest inventories, as well as those dead draugr. Done not only for immersion purposes as draugr shouldn't have septims but to bring balance to your game if you feel you get way too much gold from crypts and are playing a hardcore/survival playthrough.

Compatible with most everything I should imagine, unless of course you have another mod that edits leveled lists for Draugr and Dragon Priest Death items, in which case, Load this mod after any mod that makes such changes. Recommend you create a Bashed Patch if you have numerous mods editing leveled lists.

Now covers Ghost gold as well, there is an optional file if you just want the ghosts, one with all the changes and the original.

No requirements or special installation process.

Any and all feedback welcome