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This mod attempts to fix some of the immersion problems with the children in Skyrim. Problems such as the relative scarcity of children compared to adults, the conundrum that NPCs who are stated as being pregnant never actually have a child months or years into gameplay (ouch!), or the fact that only human children seem to exist in this country.

Permissions and credits
The goal of this mod is to increase immersion by:
- Adding Argonian, Khajiit, and Mer (coming soon!) children to the world in places where having them makes sense.
- Creating  a sense of the passage of time dozens or even hundreds of hours into a playthrough by adding an aging mechanic to the children, using absolutely minimal scripts.
- "Fixing" NPCs who are stated as being pregnant but then never actually have a baby. A month and a half to two in-game months after any quests associated with said NPCs are completed a child will appear in the game, complete with schedules/AI packages. 
- Romances/marriages of NPCs also may result in added children, also with complete schedules/AI packages.

In its current state this mod adds 1 Khajiit, 1 Argonian, 1 Breton, 2 Redguard, and 4 Nord Children into the game. All human race children appear some time after any quests associated with their parents are completed. Not all children will appear in any single playthrough, as some appear based on player choice. More children planned for future updates.

Nitty Gritty Technical Info:

This was designed with compatibility in mind. There isn't much to conflict with. However I have tested the following that I thought might conflict just to be safe.
- Qaxe's Winterhold Rebuild - Compatible
- Improved Adoptions - Compatible, load after my mod
- Exchange Currency - Compatible

Recommended Mods
- USLEEP by Arthmoor because vanilla skyrim is glitchy
- Any mod that protects your NPCs from getting unintentionally killed by a wolf/dragon/vampire/random passing bandit.
- Improved Adoptions by soupdragon1234 makes all children, including mine, a little more realistic. Load his mod after my mod to make sure his changes apply to my kids.


Mdfeelgood - for inspiring this mod through her creation Aymar and Friends and for being so kind in helping me get started. 
Bethesda - For creating skyrim and making it modable. I had so much fun doing this.
RaceMenu by expired6978
NPC Nif Merge by Turulo
Khafar (Not on the Nexus) - For helping me understand the code and just being an all around awesome dad.

Rustic Clothing, Noble Skyrim Textures and JKs Skyrim used in the screenshots only

This is a Nexus exclusive mod. Please do not reupload.