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A Armor and Weapon set fit for a true battle-mage. ***** Comes With InstaCast spell ring *****

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A armor and weapon set fit for a true battle-mage. The armor has five pieces for added protection and the weapons can weaken opponents as well as hurt them. Also, with the InstaCast ring, you can rapidly fire spells from your left hand with just a click.

If you want just the InstaCast ring, go here.

If you want this set and a cool player home, go here.

********** Warning ********

This Mod requires SKSE. CBBE and FNIS animations is not required but highly recommended.

Also, the Crossbow is not fully automatic like in the video below, it was just too easy.

***** Version 2.1 *****

Insta-cast ring now works with all spells and staffs.
Improved bloodskal effect on weapons.

***** Version 2.0 *****

Crossbow is now semi-auto, no reload. Also updated look.
Updated some textures.

***** Location *****

You can find two sets in the first locked room in Dark Light tower. Everything can be crafted after you've obtained Ebony Smithing.

***** Dark White Armor *****

The set is equivalent to ebony armor with one extra piece.

Comes in Light and Heavy Versions.

Works with all Light\Heavy Armor perks.

***** Dark White Weapons *****

All weapons are equivalent to Ebony weapons.

Dark White Bone Breaker perk enables all Dark White weapons to ignore 25% of armor.

Dark White Quick Shot Perk adds a 20% increase to drawing bows (stacks with vanilla quick shot).

***** Dark White Jewelry *****

The ring equips to the middle finger (slot 58 or 59) so if anything is equipped there it will be unequipped.

Blood Ring:

Allows for Dark-White Weapons to cast Bloodskal blade effect.

All spells cast instantly. Also works with staffs.

***** Extras ******

Weapons and Blood-Strike casts a custom white-fire effect on targets.