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A Armor and Weapon set fit for a true battle-mage. ***** Comes With InstaCast spell ring *****

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A armor and weapon set fit for a true battle-mage. The armor has five pieces for added protection and the weapons can weaken opponents as well as hurt them. Also, with the InstaCast ring, you can rapidly fire all spells.

********** Warning ********

This Mod requires the latest version of Skyrim and SKSE.

Also, the Crossbow is not fully automatic like in the video below, it was just too easy.

***** Version 2.1 *****

Insta-cast ring now works with all spells and staffs.
Improved bloodskal effect on weapons.

***** Version 2.0 *****

Crossbow is now semi-auto, no reload. Also updated look.
Updated some textures.

***** Location *****

You can find two sets in the first locked room in Dark Light tower. Everything can be crafted after you've obtained Ebony Smithing.

***** Dark White Armor *****

The set is equivalent to ebony armor with one extra piece.

Comes in Light and Heavy Versions.

Works with all Light\Heavy Armor perks.

***** Dark White Weapons *****

All weapons are equivalent to Ebony weapons.

Dark White Bone Breaker perk enables all Dark White weapons to ignore 25% of armor.

Dark White Quick Shot Perk adds a 20% increase to drawing bows (stacks with vanilla quick shot).

***** Dark White Jewelry *****

The ring equips to the middle finger (slot 58 or 59) so if anything is equipped there it will be unequipped.

Blood Ring:

Allows for Dark-White Weapons to cast Bloodskal blade effect.

All spells cast instantly. Also works with staffs.

***** Extras ******

Weapons and Blood-Strike casts a custom white-fire effect on targets.


Spell Ring: Firing lightning spells to rapidly may cause them to stop all together. All others work fine. If this happens, just save and reload or move to another cell.

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