About this mod

Adds in considerable content for the Imperial Legion, Hold Guards, Stormcloaks, and Forsworn.

Permissions and credits
There are many mods that alter the various warring factions and brigands in the province of Skyrim. I personally could usually not find a one mod fix all to what I wanted to see though. This is my attempt at helping this problem. The main focus was the Imperial Legion, to give you a glimpse into my ideal Imperial Legion, but for multiple reasons I can't got totally all out so this gives you a glimpse into the idea. This mod has three parts; Imperial, Nord, and Forsworn, each having two versions; blacksmith and quartermaster. That's just my fancy way of saying standalone (Blacksmith Edition) and leveled list (Quartermaster Edition). The Imperial Legion will now have pants and sleeves and make use of all vanilla armors, while Hold guards and Stormcloaks now have sleeves. Generals, Legates around Skyrim, as well as high ranking people in the Reach are no longer essential. Studded Imperial Armor also now has metal pieces on the skirt like it should have. It also adds in Dunmer and Orsimer troops to the Legion. I also adjusted the stats of Imperial Armors to match Leather and Steel mainly and bumped guard and Stormcloak armors up a bit as well. Forsworn have been nerfed to more realistic stats for their armor and weapons. I cannot promise a perfectly bug free experience as this is my first mod of this scope and only my third publicly released mod. The Blacksmith Editions make those changes, while the Quartermaster Edition adds in a mess of new armors and weapons that the factions will now use. All of these items are craftable in both versions. 

This mod contains armors and weapons inspired by TES Arena, TES Adventures: Redguard, Morrowind, Oblivion, real history, movies, some other mods I've seen over the years, etc. 

Special Thanks: 

-Jedo_Dre and team: One Nordic Axe and sword, Imperial Crusader Helmet, Rectangular Tower and Oval shields, and the Imperial Broadsword all are originally taken from the Historical Revival Roman Era mod. Also used his assets for some of the Alessian content. 

-RonnieMagnum: Helped me get the hang of making weapons and fixed my spears, they swing like swords, but they work, and he allowed me to make use of his Ordinary Weapons mod for meshes and/or textures for several weapons; knight mace, morning star, elite waraxe, as well as nordic axes, a mace, and sword. Also Alessian swords and the new Legion Sword.  

-JZBai: Lamellar textures and the bulkier mesh originated from JZBai's Generic Lamellar Armor mod. Also used the gauntlets from JZ's Generic Plate Armor mod.  

-Excinerus: Allowed me to make use of his morning star which I made look like a flail. 

-THusky: Trollbone and Nordic Steel Armors from his Morrowind Armors mod, had to remake the helmet because some weird neck issue was going on, not sure why; probably on my end because I've heard no complaints about his mod. Go check it out! 

-Frank9710: Oblivion armors and weapons (Legion, Wtach, Palace, Dragon, Silver), I still left my terrible attempts at recreating them in there as craftable armors. 

-ruddy88: Huge help with a lot of issues I was running into and taught me a lot. 

-Dark1Nova: Helped me learn some basic skills that were crucial to learning modding. 

-Eatfist: Gave me multiple ideas and suggestions like the Wolfblood, Imperial Orcish, and carved armors, as well as helping beta test Version 1.3. 

-Taro 8: W2 Content as well as mesh for the new crusader helmet and Ridge Helmet. 

-Studio CD Projekt Red: W2/W3 content. 

-ArwingXL, TH3WICK3D1, lord of war, red xavier, Afro: W2 Content. 

-Benchman121: Imperial Knight Sword. 

-Toasty Fresh, Erik Redbeard, Noobles, Hovihar, Medtech: W3 Content. 

-Higeyosi, hifoo: Cutlass. 

-Ousnius and Caliente: Outfit Studio was used for making part of the Kettle Helmet and Ridge Helmet. 

-Araanim: Huge help with fixing my many broken meshes! 

-Donker316, Bilwit, TheDahaka, Kronaras, L0rdofWar, Marinetastic, Nikinoodles, OmegaRed99, and Th3Wick3d1: Game of Thrones Armor Compilation assets added in for new Oblivion Guard inspired and chainmail armor. 

-defunkt: Made use of his Alternative Scale armors. 

-Dem Sneaky Chineses: Huge help with beta testing Version 1.3. 

For the mods and modders I stated above: Check out their mods! I hope nothing got missed!

I tried going with a number of ideas I had, inspiration from history, other games, etc. and tried doing so in a lore friendly way. I hope you enjoy the mod and please let me know if you run into issues, want to fix any issues/know how, or want to port to SE and possibly Xbox. Need anything or have questions just contact me. 

Should just need to drop the files into your Skyrim Data folder. Blacksmith and Quartermaster Editions are compatible, just get lots of space taken up because there's two of everything at the forge. 

Version 1.2 is now live! Broken meshes have been fixed, new armors added, some old ones overhauled, three new weapons have been added, and I'd say it's overall not 100% perfect, still get some clipping here and there, sleeves like to disappear temporarily at a distance, or the occasional invisible part of an arm when wearing certain gauntlets with certain armors, but it's less rough around the edges and much better than before! Some armors will require advanced armors and dragon armors to craft, maybe Orcish, sorry memory isn't always so great. But Morrowind armors, Oblivion armors, TES Adventures Redguard armors, even an Arena armor have been recreated for this mod, the Oblivion Legion armor is from another mod, but you can find my early attempts to create it at the local forge. This is what the last update should have been and I hope you all enjoy it! 

V1.3 is here! This time missing meshes and textures should be fixed, new armors and weapons have been added as well including speculative Alessian armors and weapons!

Old news:
V 1.1 is in development and will include weight slider support and some improved normal maps for some of the textures. It will also feature overhauls and improvements of multiple items and some new additions. (Completed) 

Update: V 1.1 is completed! It is counted as a separate mod so best to start with a fresh game. I have made a number of changes and will hopefully have screenshots soon for you all!

V 1.2 is in progress, the last update had a lot of unintended issues that I did not notice, only recently got back to TES modding. So 1.2 should fix the broken meshes, overhaul a few, and add a few new things in.

V1.3 is in the works, i've heard and have seen mesh and texture issues and two armors cause CTD, i'm looking into fixing these issues and overhaul the mod. i'm sorry there's been major problems with each update. i am hoping this version will finally produce a quality and functional mod. i will be conducting private beta testing of it prior to the public release.