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1H, 2H, dual sword, fire shout, combat ice archer. CBBE and UNP, HDT. Can be married. Located in Old Hrolden Inn. Essential. Nord. Armored outfit.

Permissions and credits

Eveline Winters

Voice: Vanilla young eager
Race: Nord
Default Draugr 2H sword, supple bow, 700 arrows, 2 katanas, 45 gold, ring of sneak.
Fire shout and self healing, plenty of perks including well fitted.
Location: Old Hrolden Inn (See last 3 images for location)
CBBE and UNP with or without HDT body. Outfit is not HDT.
Default clothes: Barkeep for CBBE and fine clothes for UNP. Ask her to follow and she will put on a light armored dress.
(Take away her hunting bow or she may not use her draugr bow with ice effects.)

Take away weapons and add others to customize Eveline the way you like. Single sword will use more spells while dual, 2H will probably use less. Bow and arrows will have a dual ice effect with four ice shards.

For the HDT versions, you will need these:
HDT Physics Extensions and XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended. FNIS recommended.

Apachii Divine Elegance Store is recommended for some great outfits.

Permission granted for the preset by clarins52

Permission granted by Akissi

Intriguante's Wear Created by Nadejda Oulianova

Note from the author of Intriguante's Wear by Akissi

Sent 26 December 2017 - 06:04 AM
Ok, no problem ! I'm glad you're enjoying the dress. Please give the appropriate credits and don't upload the mesh and the textures of the outfit anywhere else than nexus. Thank you.

Appropriate credits for this project:

Bethesda : Skyrim
dimon99 : UNP body
Blessed Redux Project team : UNPB
Ousnius and Caliente : Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition -CBBE-
En Masse Entertainment/Bluehole Studios : corset design for TERA Online
asianboy345 : corset conversion for skyrim and the UNP body
CD Projekt Red : Skirt and Sleeves design for The Witcher 2
Nimezis : conversion of the skirt and the sleeves for Skyrim


True brows By: JimtownIrish

KS Hairdo's Created byKalilies and Stealthic

Author's instructions

You are free to use this mod for your followers and npc mods.
You may not use this mod for paid mods.

Eyes of Aber Created by Aberin

Upload permission

You can upload this file to other sites but you must credit me as the creator of the file

The Eyes of Beauty by LogRaam
Eye Normal Map Fix by Mr. Dave, True brows, KS Hairdo's

Caliente's meshes (permission granted)

ousnius, on 30 Dec 2017 - 09:56 AM, said:
what follower and for which game?
Using CBBE on free follower mods on the Nexus is fine.

Author's instructions

You're free to use the CBBE body for outfits, companions or similar if you follow the rules below. Just credit us and provide a link back here!

Babydoll X textures Created by MassiveMaster

Author's instructions

You are allowed to use my skin in any follower you wish, credit me and always link my skin.

All other assets are vanilla based.

Eveline Winters is exclusive to me. Do NOT upload to other sights. No permissions. Thanks.