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Dragonbane Player Home
by Knight_Phoenix

Requirements: none.

This mod adds a player home based on Dragonsreach, home of the Jarl of Whiterun. The home is located near Sundered Towers, which is Northeast of Markath. After trying out some of the home mods on the Nexus, I decided to create a castle style home for myself with a view and sorting. I figured I might as well share it in case there are others who want the same thing.

Named storage, non-respawning
Item sorting based on WilleSea's scripts
1. Weapons and armor sort upstairs
2. Ore, potions, ingots, pelts, leather, and soulgems sorted to crafting area
3. Lockpicks sorted to Thieve's Guild Items
4. Food sorted to cupboard in kitchen
5. A Button in the crafting area to bring items to unenchanted chest from the other chests upstairs
6. A Button to return items to chests upstairs
Custom Crafting stations based on Automatic Item Sorting scripts

crafting stations will load items from the chests and alchemy satchel when used

NPCs with different AI packages - this is first shot at using the AI
You might see:
1. Guards patroling outside
2. Conference at the map
3. Groups eating lunch and supper
4. NPCs will sleep during the night
5. NPCs relaxing on the balcony

Night lighting in the bedrooms
Teleport spell with mark and recall ability
Mannequins for armor display
Weapons display racks
2 Vendors selling magic and blacksmith items
Cook selling food items

1. Move the Scripts folder and the Dragonbane.esp into your Skyrim/Data directory.
2. Make sure that Dragonbane.esp is checked in your launcher of choice.
3. Launch the game and enjoy.

Any other mod that uses this same location. I think two mods already use this area.

Version History:
Version 3.2:
Due to release of TES5Edit, cleaned mod
and removed unintentional edits

Version 3.1:
Fixed duplicate texture in the kitchen
Labeled chest under table near the sorter as Not Sorted
Removed Guard and Crime Factions from NPCs
Added NPCs to Player Faction
Changed cells to be owned by Player Faction
Added script to cooking station to access food

Version 3.0:
This should be the last of the container changes.
Added sorting button
Added additional storage chests to provide space to store mod items
Added teleport spell
Added cook
Added npcs with AI packages
Added crafting stations that load items from nearby chests when used

Version 2.0:
Fixed location so Dragonsreach quests should go to the right place
Fixed navmeshes for balcony and porch
Changed all containers to be specific to the mod and emptied them to start
Added 6 mannequins to Bedroom
Added 15 weapon racks to Bedroom
Replaced all whiterun flags with other flags
Cleaned the mod the best I could with the CK

Version 1.0 released on 2-11-12

Betheseda for making such great games.
WilleSea - scripts for the item sorting
qlhaele - scripts for the crafting stations