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About this mod

This mod attempts to make almost all books, basic foods, weapons, armors, and miscellaneous items able to be broken down into usable ingredients.

Permissions and credits
This mod attempts to make almost all items you find in Skyrim useful in some way. Me, I like Alchemy a lot, so I decided to make it so you can break down almost any useless item into usable ingredients.

With so many items to break down, you can discover 43 new Ingredients, and a few pre-existing ingredients. Almost anything can be broken down:

-Lore, spell, and skill books
-Spell scrolls
-Weapons, Armor, and Arrows
-Animal parts and leather
-All metal ingots
-Soul Gems
-Simplistic foods (not the kind that give you buffs)
-All those Linen Wraps scattered around all those Draugr ruins
-All the Dwemer items -- including re-weighted dwemer metals and dwarven ingot recipes are more fair!
-And a few other things

I will continue to work on this in order to include more and more items. Things not currently able to be broken down are:

-Many books, notes, journals, and unique quest items. 

Things not planned to ever be able to be broken down are:

-Enchanted Weapons and Armor

How To Use:
Bring the items you want to disassemble into Ingredients to any Disassembly Station, placed in every Alchemist's shop in Skyrim, along with a couple other places.

Recipes to turn items into Ingredients will show up as long as you have items you can break down. So, no scrolling through a giant list to see all the recipes!

None of the new ingredients are sold by any vendors, but most Ingredients are obtained from easily accessible materials.

You can also break down Weapons, Armor, and Arrows into usable materials! To do this, simply go to the associated crafting station;
-For clothes and jewelry, Disassembly station.
-For Light Armor, Tanning Rack.
-For Heavy Armor, Smelter.

If you go to a Smelter, you can also combine 3 nuggets of any metal into an ingot of that metal.

Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn DLCs.

Just put the .esp file into your Skyrim/Data folder. Simple as that.

Mod Conflicts:
Shouldn't conflict with most mods. 

Mods that change the weights and recipes of Dwemer artifacts.
Mods that change the interior layout of any Alchemy labs will conflict. All disassembly recipes in this mod are contained at a brand new crafting table.

For the Future:
I will keep an eye on the posts on this mod. I will probably also continue working on DLC items to break them down. I will also take all other feedback into consideration.

Also, to make the new Ingredients, I used pre-existing meshes and textures, so some of the items will look weird and kind of crappy (ex. Soul Dust). In the future I hope to be able to find replacements that look better.

Thank you, and happy disassembling!