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This mod allows you to autorun console commands from text files.

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If you are installing with Nexus Mod Manager, please uncheck 'Don't extract Readme files' from NMM settings.


This mod allows you to autorun console commands either by hitting hotkeys, or automatically after events like sitting, getting up, sleeping, dying, etc. 

After installing this mod you will have 22 text files. By default commands from these files will be executed. Each file has a comment that tells you when it will be executed. You don't need to delete this comment. 

You can execute multiple commands from each text file by writing each one of them in a separated line. 
After writing your commands you need to enable the respective option from the mcm menu. 

If you install ConsoleUtil, commands could be executed execute silently and won't be interrupted if you hit a keyboard key while they are being executed.


I tested these commands with this mod:

QQQ Immediately exits the game.

player.say 0142b5 Fix the closed eyes bug.

Player.StopCombatAlarmOnActor Stops all combat and alarms against the player.

Tfc and Tfc1 Toggle the flying camera, Tfc1 Toggles the flying camera and pause the game.

ShowRaceMenu Brings up the Character Creation menu. ( Doesn't work when black screen or menu hiding is enabled )

PCB Clears the allocated memory for cells. I set it to run after entering an interior cell from an exterior cell. ( Doesn't work when silent execution is enabled )

Save savegame Creates a manual savegame. ( Doesn't work when silent execution, black screen or menu hiding is enabled and when you load this save the console is open )

COC CellName Move the player to the specified cell. ( You should write the command directly in the MCM menu, Doesn't work when silent execution is enabled, after teleport the console is open and Black screen and menu hiding effects won't finish until you close the console )

List of console commands