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Last updated at 23:42, 15 Feb 2012 Uploaded at 5:11, 11 Feb 2012

Anything done here is now moved into a more global patch, in public beta, at my other file, PISE. The mod in question is ASIS, which patches in multiple aspects one of which is automatic spells (you have the options to use whatever aspects you'd like, not forced into any of them!). Once the public beta is over it'll have it's own file on the nexus.

Automatic Spells

Ever wanted other mods actually be -in- the game? This will do that. Currently featuring spells, it will scan your mod lists, and create a patch plugin which adds spells from all the other active mods to the NPC's according to an algorithm.

This works on a vanilla game - and it will add spells that NPC's are missing. This works with Midas and other magic mods, adding the spells to the NPC's. It's a patch, which means it'll work no matter what plugins you have - no need for any compatibility patches!

Version 1.1 adds string generation.
1.2 updates internals to SkyProc 1.0.3 for more stable STRINGS.

1) Drop the .jar into the Skyrim/Data/SkyProc Patchers/Automatic Spells folder (or, drop the folder in the zip inside the data folder).
2) Run the .jar (if it doesn't run, see troubleshooting).
3) Wait a while for it to create the patch. It usually takes ~10 seconds for me, faster on most other PC's (core 2 duo here).
4) Load it after all other mods, and play.

The program imports all the NPC's, perks, and spells, opens up each NPC in sequence, scans through all the spells in the import database, and adds them if they meet certain requirements based on the NPC's. It imports perks, because those are used as identifiers in determining what level the spell is. It imports all active mods, so it'll only import them if they are checked on.

If you want to look at the source code (non-commented, and some pretty bad coding), it's here;

The library used is SkyProc.

All thanks to Leviathan for the awesome work he's done. Also, thanks to AliTheLord for helping me on some of the code.

Please follow these steps before reporting bugs and errors.
  • If a program besides java (winrar, bitzipper, anything like that) is opening the .jar - Go to Application Defaults in the Windows options. You may be able to reassign it there. If not, right click on the JAR file and choose open with. Under that menu, select Java and tick the default option.
  • Check here -> DLL Java Help to make sure the java is working properly.
  • Confirm that the java application and the Automatic Spells plugin are all in the data folder.
  • Run the java file (if it doesn't work, check step #1).
  • Confirm that the Automatic Spells.esp is loaded after all other plugins.
  • Confirm that you have NOT deactivated any plugins since running the patch.
  • If all else fails, try running the patcher again.

If these steps fail to fix your problem, please submit the 'SkyProcDebug' folder to me or Leviathan. If you cannot get the java application to run, please describe the problem in detail and I'll try to help you resolve it.