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Simply makes the nights in skyrim darker.

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This mod simply makes the nights in skyrim darker.

It always bothered me how ugly and bright the nights were in vanilla skyrim, so i made this to fix that!

There are alot of great mods that do the same thing but this is my own version of it, and i think it came out pretty good! Its not pitch black, but its noticably darker than vanilla. I have put alot of effort into making sure that they all look and feel as natural as possible. I have also made a torch mod (Simply Better Torches) that makes torch light more warm and bright. I highly and strongly recommend using this. I can also recommend using my other mod called "Saturation Increase by Simtar123" I think its a really great look. Bright colorful days and dark nights. Not sure about compatibility but it might conflict with other big weather overhauls like Climates of Tamriel.

Also if any of you take awesome sceenshots with this mod installed i will make sure to add them to the mod page!

Enyoy! =D