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Add's a new deadric artifact called Azura's Pendant.

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Now when visiting the shrine of Azura, there will be a new pedestal near the statue's base. Once her quest is completed, and if Azura's light star is received you can then place it on the pedestal to have her transform it into a wearable pendant. The pendant will enchance your magica and stamina regeneration by 40% each. Whenever you'd like you can take the pendant back to the pedestal and have it turned back to the soul gem it originally was.

Clothing and Clutter Fixes - A bug in the vanilla game prevents necklaces to not be shown on some armours, this mod fixes it.

This is a fairly simple mod, so no bugs that I've found. If you find any let me know and I'll see if I can fix it.
"But the Black Star wont work?!1!?" Nope, not a bug, it'd be odd to use the black star to get Azura's Light necklace. Adding a Black Star necklace maybe something I'll do in the future.

Feel free to use the necklace in your own mods, just as long as there's a credit back to this page.
As for scripts, feel free to use them as well, no credit needed.

Dracca - For the idea of the necklace, which is also made for their mod
Undriel - For the idea as well, also for the screenshots on this page