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To celebrate our most heathen holiday traditions we bring to you an eerily what-the-heck-is-this-omg-I'm-scared Christmas quest mod with lots of custom Christmas-themed creatures, weapons, armor, textures, music and kettlemen. A fully voiced experience, featuring 244 lines of custom-voiced dialogue.

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                                              version 1.2
                                         by The Wormple


The 2017 release was a huge success for us and by popular demand we have ported Santanism to SSE this year. Merry Christmas -- and enjoy!

For those with Skyrim Special Edition: Bask in the light of our SE version!

SE version now available on XBOX too! Download from

Also, big thanks to everyone who's shared amazing videos featuring our mod.

Remember to check this page for solutions to common problems!


Merry Christmas from the creators of the well-respected gameplay enhancing mods such as “Manmoth“ and “Wormplified Skyrim”!

To celebrate our most heathen holiday traditions we bring to you a story of love, friendship and fulfilling childhood dreams. ‘Tis the season to be folly and there is a rumor spreading across Skyrim. Everywhere you go you will see a sparkle of hope in people’s eyes and a glooming sense of jolly festivity will radiate from even the most barren of wastelands. And even in the most distant of corners people are whispering of his return.
  They say a lonely and humble carpenter has called for assistance and will generously take anyone who accepts his offer with him to meet Santa himself! Of course you don’t have to answer his call, but it will surely help you get on the nice list!

  • A unique Christmas-themed island filled with equal parts cozy and spooky locations.
  • 4 story-based quests and exciting characters to interact with.
  • 1 follower with unique appearances, voices and spells.
  • 1 custom made, extremely lovable mount.
  • 5 more or less epic boss fights.
  • A fully voiced experience, featuring 244 lines of custom-voiced dialogue.
  • Lots of custom Christmas-themed creatures, weapons, armor, textures, music and kettlemen.
  • And in general lots and lots of stupid and disturbing shit.

  • Santanism is created for vanilla non-SE Skyrim and has no other dependencies – just play!
  • It does NOT require any DLC.
  • It does NOT require any additional utility mods like SKSE.

To start Santanism, go to Dawnstar and walk northeast, past the museum, where you’ll find Joshua by a campfire. Speak with him to start the first quest.

OBS! It is recommended not to be bring any followers with you when you start the quest. Though the quests will work without issues, your follower might disappear in the process. You can always bring the follower back via console commands if required though.

Generally I advise very strongly against using console commands to try to cheat the quest and move on. Doing things you aren't supposed to do will obviously do nothing for you but break the mod. Unless a reported bug has a solution that tells you otherwise: Never use TCL. Never use COC. Never use Unlock. And so forth.

Santanism does not have any real level requirement, although it is recommended that you are at least at level 30. The optimal result is presumably achieved at about level 50.

Also, remember! We have tried our best to put in fail saves, but random errors are hard to account for when dealing with the Creation Kit.. Should you experience any annoying or game breaking bugs you are very welcome to contact us in the bug section.

  • Jonasaur for creative input, textures and mod images

Voice acting:
  • Persephone Rose for voicing Joshua, Immanuel, The Shepherd and The Trinity
  • Fnatsauce for voicing Grandfather Frost
  • Ashleigh Aishwarya for voicing Grýla
  • Wormplified Studio and friends for voicing everyone else
Meshes and textures:
  • Vicn for his amazing creature resources (Daedroth, Fleshsplatter, Hunger, Mimic book), Vicn creature pack
  • Absinthe for his candy cane statics and candy cane weapons, A Festive Christmas
  • InsanitySorrow for gifts, stockings and pudding, Christmas Resource
  • Backsteppo for his Dragon Ball Son Goku wig, Dragon Ball Outfit
  • GendunDrup for his ancient troll, Nexus Creature Resource
  • Hanaisse for her Oblivion Gate, OblivionGates in Skyrim
  • Pale_rider for his mariner hat mesh and texture that I’ve given new life in Skyrim, Hat collection for Oblivion
  • Whoever made the static mesh and the texture for Santa Claus and put it on the internet for free use. I simply can’t find the website again. But thank you nonetheless!

  • for their “Silent Night disco edition” and “O Little Town of Bethlehem”
  • E’s Jammy Jams for their jazzy covers of “Jingle Bells” and “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”, Christmas Jazz playlist
  • SEPHiROD for his 8-bit cover of Wham!’s “Last Christmas”, Youtube link
  • Nintendo for their Pokemon Red, Yellow, Blue Battle Music, Youtube link