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Rotten Maidens exude immense sadness, poor helpless wraiths. People fear them, but most of all, they feel sorry for them. They are the spirits of young women who died violent deaths right before their weddings. Driven mad with pain and anger, they wander the fields searching for their unfaithful lovers or backstabbing murderers.

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Rotten Maidens exude immense sadness, poor helpless wraiths. People fear them,  but most of all, they feel sorry for them. They are the spirits of young women who died violent deaths right before their weddings. Driven mad with pain and anger, they wander the fields searching for their unfaithful lovers or backstabbing murderers, though they will kill anyone who does not get out of their way in time.

They are often held in this world by some object of intense emotional significance, commonly
the wedding ring gave to them by their lovers. This is the reason why stories tell that if one
ever finds a lost wedding ring or love letter, in the middle of an abandoned place, you should
never pick it up, but instead back away as quickly as possible, because its owner may be
lurking in the shadows. Also you must avoid places on Skyrim when couples have died
at the fangs of predators or the swords of bandits, or when a poor desolated girl have
commited suicide, or have been murdered, in resume, you must avoid places with sad love
stories, to avoid unpleasant encounters with the wraiths that can still be around there, just
waiting to ambush anyone who cross their paths of pain and sadness.

Kill them not allways free the maidens from their self-inflicted curses, exactly due to the fact that commonly they are the ones who created and who maintain the curse, and if they remain in their souls with the feelings that chained them to that poor decayed state previously, they will re-created all their cursed scenario again, and will re-materialize their semi-ethereal rotten figure one more time, but exceptions do exist when a rotten maiden is released from her chains when her ghostly form is destroyed.

Commonly they remain buried on the ground, and only raise to attack their victims when they disturb their "resting" places. When you ear their terrible scream, could be too late to escape alive.

They are semi-ethereal beings, commonly only seen on rural areas,
and according to their deaths they appear in different forms:

Plague Maidens- the brides who have died from sickness before their marriage,
and because that they are now a horrible spirit personifying disease and pestilence.
They are probably the most dangerous variant of the respawnable common types, and
are covered by poisons and diseases. Also they can cast against you balls of miasmas;

Bloody Maidens- are the ones that suffered tortures and/or rape before their deaths, and got killed in a very bloody way. Also commonly they saw their loved ones being killed in front of them with the same kind of cruelty. Because this, and being profoundly traumatized with blood, they appear covered on it, and will attack throwing jats of rotten blood into their victims. They are one of the respawnable variants, and you may be carefull when you enter areas with bloody crime scenes, because a Bloody Maiden can be watching you;

Mournful Maidens- these ones are not murdered nor have died from disease, these ones commited suicide after the lost of their beloved men, and because that they have allways a hanging rope on their necks. They are also the weakest between the respawnable variants, much more ethereal than the others, and unable to cast powers against you. They will attack just with their claws, and probably this is because they have killed themselves, so, they have less anger against others, and more guilty for what they have done, due to that they are unable to raise a high subconscious magical power from anger;

Nightwraith Maidens- this ones are the brides killed at night time, and are embedded
with dark powers, probably attached to their spirits in the moment of their deaths.
It's during night that the evil spirits walk trough Nirn, searching for lost man and woman,
alive or not, to embrace them with darkness and make them their servants. These poor confused
souls were an easy prey, and now they exist in a state of evilness, able to control and cast mists
of dark energy, and covered by a clock of shadows. They can also appear during day
if you disrupt their resting places, but they are considerable weaker during daytime.
They are also one of the respawnable variants;

Noonwraith Maidens- these are the brides killed during daytime. They can create
powerfull wind gusts to attack you in combat, a warm wind that was the last thing they
felt before the end of their lifes, the warm wind of the noon time when they got killed brutally
and with no mercy. The sunlight seems to shine on their rotten skin, making them look half-burned.
This Rotten Maiden is more powerfull than the Mournfull Maiden or Bloody Maiden,
but less dangerous than the Plague one, and in pair with the Nightwraith Maiden,
no doubt a good foe amongst the respawnable variants;

Fading Widow-
this poor one was recently married and was camping to enjoy her honeymoon with her beloved one, on the beach coast of Skyrim. Unfortunatelly both got killed by wild animals, and their love story ended there. Due to the fact that she accomplished her dream to get married with her loved one,
and they died together, her anger was not enough to maintain her chained to the material world forever,
and her wraith form is starting to fade, becoming almost invisible. Kill her and free the poor widow
from her miserable condition, and she will be with her loved one again in the afterlife.
She is one of the unique, non-respawnable, rotten maidens;

Shelly- the bride that died in one of the shipwrecks of Pilgrim's Trench. Her beloved one waited for her
for weeks on his camp untill his death, without knowing that his beautifull bride corpse layed dead
on the cold ocean right before him. Now she roams the camp in pain and sadness for the lost of
the one she loved the most, and that died waiting for her. Not being a traumatic and brutal death,
she is also not strongly chained to the mortal world, because that, she is another unique and
non-respawnable rotten maiden. Kill her wraith form and she will reunite forever with her loved Trius;

Isabelle Rollaine-
the lover of Ranmir of Winterhold, some time ago she disappeared, making
him fall into a druken stupor with surrow. Passing through big money problems, and being a sorcerer,
she tried to invade Hob's Fall Cave to steal some money (after receiving information from thieves
guild that this place was a good spot for that), but ended killed on the hands of the necromancers
that live there. They turned her soul into a guardian wraith using necromancer magic.
Forced to become a Rotten Maiden, she now guards the entrance of the coven, next to her dead body.
Kill her, broking the magic chains that maintain her as a slave on this world, and obtain her letter to Ranmir, wrote just before she tried to enter the cave. Show the letter to him, and give to the poor man new reasons to live again, knowing what  really happened. She is, naturally, one of the non-respawnable ones;

a girl from Riverwood cursed by an old priest of Peryte, after she refused to marry him,
because she was already in love with a boy from her village. Due to the curse, she got terribly
sick, with no way to be treated, and suffered for a long and prolongated time. When she died, a
terrible miasma vapor raised from her body and killed the ones at her side, including her loved one,
and made half of the city getting sick for some days. Due to that, she was buried far away from her
town, and never more received visits on her burial ground, deep on the woods.
The old peryte priest visited the place right after her burial, and raised her as a specially dangerous
plague maiden, clouded in disease and pestilence, as a punishment for her refusal to marry him.  
Legends of her apparition as a plagued rotten maiden, mourning in the woods, covered in a
green mist of miasma, made her started to be known as Pesta, by the people of the region. 
You will noticed skeletons surrounding the locations, probably grave robbers that died at her hands.
Being one of the non-respawnable variants, you can free her from the magical
chains, and she will reunite in the afterlife with her loved one. 

- 1 new respawnable undead creature- Rotten Maiden in 9 variants

- all them have custom behaviour, attacks, effects and sounds

- more details to already sad-themed locations on Skyrim

- The last Skyrim Update

- DLC Hearthfire
- DLC Dawnguard
- DLC Dragonborn


Mihail- re-modelling of the original models, parts of the models of the newest variants, some textures and re-textures, effects, loot, spells, sounds, animations, game implementation

Some assets used on this mod belong too:

CD PROJEKT RED - original models and textures