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This mod adds the needs of eating, drinking, pissing, and sleeping to the player.
For each need, you can define how much time you can spend without satisfying the need. If too much time will pass some penalties will be applied.

Permissions and credits
This mod adds a set of needs about eating, sleeping, drinking, talking, pissing, etc. to the player.
For each need, you can define how much time you can spend without satisfying the need. If too much time will pass some penalties will be applied.

If you don't eat for too long your health will suffer (but you will not automatically die.)

If you don't drink (wine, ale, or water) for too long, your stamina will suffer.

If you don't sleep enough, your magicka will suffer.
It is possible also to have a blurry vision.

You have to talk from time to time, if you don't then all your magic abilities will be reduced.

Sex (only if SexLab is installed)
If you have SexLab (of course you have it), you can also enable another "need" that is the one of have sex. If you don't do sex often enough, you will start to masturbate.
You can define also that you cannot have sex in public. But in case you can't do sex, then your weapons will be removed and you may assume for a few seconds a horny position where you cannot move.
By request, in case you do blowjobs the result will be considered as food.

If you don't take a leak from time to time, you will slow down.
You can urinate in multiple, selectable, ways: a spell, a shout, or a key.
It is possible to set that you cannot urinate in public (when seen by other NPCs.)

If you don't do your business, your carry weight will be reduced, and you may have random diarrhea.
You can defecate in multiple, selectable, ways: a spell, a shout, or a key.
It is possible to set that you cannot defecate in public (when seen by other NPCs.)

You are addicted to Skooma and you need to consume it. If you don't consume it for too long, your combat abilities will be reduced and your vision will be altered.

You are addicted to alcoholic beverages (ale and wine) and you need to consume it. If you don't consume it for too long, your speech and stealth abilities will be reduced, and your thirstiness will increase.

Weed (only if Cannabis Skyrim)
You are addicted to cannabis and you need to consume it. If you don't consume it for too long, your armor defenses will be reduced and your vision will be altered, and your hungriness will increase.

Being Drunk
Not really a need. This will add the feature of being drunk when you drink alcoholic beverages.

For the specified amount of time, after you drink some alcohol, you will have a double vision, you may pick the wrong weapon, and you will have random alterations in your movement speed.

Some foods, like soups, are considered liquid foods and will satisfy both the need of eating and the need of drinking

Each need can be enabled or disabled in the MCM. You can use only the needs you want.

The number of hours before starting to suffer can be specified. Many needs allow specifying what will be the maximum percentage of damage inflicted when not satisfied.

You can also enable the animations for eating, drinking, pissing, and defecating. The animation for eating and drinking will try to use the best possible anim object according to the food or drink type.

All food items of the game and DLCs are a valid source of food, and all drinks from the game and DLCs are a valid source of liquids.

Some needs (Eating, Drinking, and Sleeping) give you the ability to damage the stats, or to stop the regeneration. Or both together.

In case you have one or more of the following mods (that are not a dependency) also their foods, drinks, and other items are used.
  • Requiem
  • Complete Alchemy & Cooking Overhaul
  • Cutting Room Floor
  • SexLab Skooma Whore
  • Cannabis Skyrim
  • Be a Milk Drinker (Legendary)
  • Hunterborn
The mod can also add widgets (that can be placed in many different ways, configurable in the MCM) showing the actual need to satisfy the basic exigencies. (Widgets can be fully disabled.)
Water bottles
You can find a "Water bottle" that you can drink. Once you drink it, you will have an "Empty water bottle". If you use this bottle when you are inside the water (a river for example) it will be filled again.
There are also recipes to "build" an empty water bottle, you just need an empty wine bottle and a Blue Mountain Flower. You can build them at cooking spots.
Included translations: English, Italian, French, Russian.
Advanced Stuff
The mod can be used in a Simple or Advanced mode.
Simple mode will have just 3 MCM pages and about all advanced options will be managed automatically.
Advanced mode will have many MCM pages and you can set all the options in detail to better fulfill your game experience.
You can switch between the two modes in the MCM. After switching the MCM will automatically close.
When switching to Simple mode there is an option to reset all configuration values to the default values.

- Adding drinks and food from other mods
In case you consume an item from a mod that is not known, you will see the item in the specific MCM page (only for Advanced mode), here you can define what the item was (Food, Drink, Liquid food, Alcohol, Skooma, Weed, etc.)
All known and defined items are saved in a JSON file, in case you have PapyrusUtils. This allows exchanging the food definition between different players.

- Interacting via ModEvents
The mod listen for two mod events: MiniNeedsSetValue and MiniNeedsGetValue
MiniNeedsSetValue: if you send this mod event with a string parameter and an int parameter, you will be able to set the actual percentage of the need.
MiniNeedsGetValue: if you send this mod event with a string parameter, you will receive another Mod Event "MiniNeedsValue" (you have to subscribe to it) to get the actual value of a need.
Possible values for the string parameter:
  • Eat: get or set the percentage of the Eating need
  • Drink: get or set the percentage of the Drinking need
  • Sleep: get or set the percentage of the Sleeping need
  • Talk: get or set the percentage of the Talking need
  • Sex: get or set the percentage of the Sex need
  • Piss: get or set the percentage of the Urination need
  • Poop: get or set the percentage of the Defecation need
  • Skooma: get or set the percentage of the Skooma need
  • Alcohol: get or set the percentage of the Alcohol need
  • Weed: get or set the percentage of the Weed need
  • Drunk: get or set the percentage of being drunk
  • All: only for the event MiniNeedsGetValue, send all values for all needs 

The mod was done by an idea  @Southwarth (for a simplified version of iNeeds)
A big thank you to @komotor for the pose animation, fixing all the AnimObjects, and the pooping animation
Thanks to @Melodic @ for the Russian translation

Use your favorite Mod Manager. If you had a previous version of MiniNeeds, you need to uninstall it first, and clean the save from all scripts starting with the "mnd" string. In all cases, a clean save is recommended.
If you find bugs, just report them, I will fix them as soon as possible. be aware that V2 is a full re-write of the mod and, also if I have done many tests, there can be bugs inside.

The mod adds a pose (used for the screenshot and the MCM) that can be used by sending the event "mndPose" (in the console, click on the actor and type SAE mndPose)

Changes in version 2.0
Fix Fixed the disappearing of the empty water bottle when double clicking
Fix Fixed the problem of the key to enable/disable the widgets to go away when loading a save game
New Now animations are played in async mode using ModEvents (no more problems on having just the first used item to work)
New Now all strings, including notifications, are translatable. And the notifications are in 1st person
New Added multiple ways to do stripping, including SexLab if it is installed
MCM is updated to fit the needs (now they are split in basic, physiological, and adult)
New Added piss puddles when pissing
New Added the "need to speak": if you don't talk for the specified time you will have less cast ability, less enchant ability, but higher stealth, pickpocket, and lockpicking value
New Added the need to use addictive substances (Skooma) -> Damage: Fighting skills
New All Skooma added by SexLab Skooma Whore is now considered as Skooma
New Added the need to poop. Probably the most common request I received -> Damage: max carry weight reduced, possibility of random diarrhea
New Added the need to use addictive substances (Weed - if you have the Cannabis mod) -> Damage: altered visual, reduced armor ratings, increase need to eat
New All weed added by Skyrim Cannabis is now considered as Weed
ImageSpaceModifiers are now cumulative and can be applied to sleep, drunk, skooma, and weed
New Now it is possible to categorize the food items that are not from a known mod. Once eaten they will appear in a MCM page to be categorized. (Available only in Advanced mode.)
Fix Fixed the bug of the cooking being interrupted when using an item considered food or drink (It was impossible to perform cooking with the mod enabled.)
Fix Added keyword "MagicDisallowEnchanting" to mndPee0 and mndPee1 to disable to see them in the enchant menu
New Added the Food and Drinks from Be a Milk Drinker (Legendary)
New Now, if PapyrusUtill is installed, it is possible to define the type of the food/drinks in a JSON file (allowing to add foods and drinks for unsupported mods)
Added the Food and Drinks from Hunterborn
New Added a hotkey to masturbate, in case SexLab is installed
New If SexLab is installed, and the animation is Oral, and the player is the target, then the cum is used as food
New Blood is now considered a specific item and will be used in case the player is a vampire to mitigate hunger and thirstiness
New Some liquid foods (like soups and milk) will restore both hungriness and thirstiness
New Now the mod has two modes: Simple and Advanced. Simple will keep the information to the minimum and keep the mod simple. While Advanced has all possible configuration of all aspects
Fix  Updated the eat and drink animations to have the left arm not stiff in TPose
New It is possible now (in Advanced mode) to change the colors of the widgets

New Added the effect of being drunk -> Damage: double vision, a random weapon may be picked, constant random speed variation is applied
New Added the need to use addictive substances (Alcohol) -> Damage: reduced Speechcraft, reduced stealth
New You can use the "Piss and Poop together" to do both private jobs 
Fix Fixed a problem when pissing was possible multiple times (by using it when pissing)
New It is possible now to specify how often the notifications about your needs will appear
New Added some mod events that can be used to read and alter the values of the various needs
New Added a "Panic button" in the MCM to restore the player controls and remove the pee (it will also remove the free camera in case it was set)

Changes in version 1.3
Fix Fixed a problem when 5 sliders were active
Change If something was on slot 55 when pissing, it will be restored when the urination ends Added a flag to avoid to masturbate if seen by other NPCs, in case you need then you will struggle and you will sheath your weapons
New Added sounds when eating, drinking, and pissing
New Added a flag to avoid to masturbate if seen by other NPCs, in case you need then you will struggle and you will sheath your weapons
Fix Fixed the incorrect animations while masturbating (SexLab gender is now used)

Changes in version 1.2
New Added piss animations for males and females
Fix Removed the "Added/Removed bladder troubles", they are no more visible
New Now the timescale will affect also the loss of health, speed, etc.
New Added a soft dependency with SexLab, in case you have it, there will be also the Sex need, if not satisfied you will masturbate
New Added a flag to use or not animations while urinating
New Added a flag to use or not animations while eating
New Added a set of animations to eat bread-like food, meat-like food, stew-like food
New Added a flag to use or not animations while drinking
New Added a set of animations to drink a water bottle, bottle of wine, ales, and beers
New The animations for eating and drinking will be selected automatically according to the food type (but do not expect magic)
New Now a flag makes impossible to urinate in public (find a quiet place to do your business...)
New Added an Italian translation
New Added a French translation
New Added a (partial) Russian translation (thanks to cenotron)
Fix Fixed a problem with water bottles producing more than one empty water bottle when used
Change Further reduced the usage of scripting when eating and drinking
New It is now possible to configure if the damage will apply to the value of the statistic or to its regeneration, or both (for Health, Stamina, and Magicka)
Fix Fixed a problem on the speed multiplier that was not applied
New Added food and drinks from Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul (CACO)
New Added the ale from Cutting Room Floor

Changes in version 1.1
Fix Now the spell "take a leak" will no more stop the actor and the camera
Fix The values of the last time a need was satisfied are no more reset at each game load
New Widgets can be placed anywhere on the screen, including size, space between them and margins from the border of the screen
New After pissing, the spells or weapons are re-equipped
Change The amount of stamina added by drinking a water bottle is reduced to just 2 units
New Added a recipe to make water bottles (empty wine bottle, blue mountain flower), craft-able at any cooking spot
Change The meshes of the water bottles are updated
New The mod is now translatable in the MCM. English is the only provided language at the moment
Fix The vendors in inns should have the ability to sell bottles of water
New The widgets can have now a progressive opacity (5 different versions)
New Added 3 ways to start peeing: spell, shout, and keyboard
Change All properties are now on the controller quest for easier update
New The time you will piss is now proportional to the time you didn't piss
New Added a soft dependency with Requiem. If you have it, also its food and drinks will work in MiniNeeds (Requiem is NOT a requirement, this mod can be used also without it)
New Added a limit to how much power you can lose (health, stamina, etc.)
New Added a switch to consider the TimeScale, the hours will be handled like the timescale was unchanged (set to 20.0) if the option is enabled
New Improved the Disable/Enable button
Change Removed the useless SexLab dependency that was added by mistake.