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Main Menu Background - High-Quality Colourized Concept Art - 16:9 Aspect Ratio

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The original concept art is a bit bland, undeniably EPIC, but it's true to vanilla Skyrim by being basically one colour.
The quality is also not quite main menu worthy. It suffers from compression and is rather grainy. Noise isn't so bad for landscapes but skies should be smooth, no? 

Even with those issues in mind, no other background is more suitable in my fervent opinion. So I did some touch-up.

  • played with colour levels, increased vibrancy
  • DeJpeg filters & sharpening
  • added Gaussian Blur to the sky, dragons left intact
  • the whole ordeal of: make the in-game picture match the final image *ANNOYING*

A couple of bloodshot eyes later and it was just right. Good enough for another low effort main menu mod!

Enjoy you bastards.

ENB does affect the way it will appear in-game, usually for the worse.
Open in and adjust the brightness.
Too many different ENBs for me to offer versions.


No Menu and Loading Smoke - For a cleaner look

Sovngarde - Mist's Font Replacer

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