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Valiant Nords will go to Sovngarde, while soul trapped characters will be sent to the Soul Cairn, upon death.

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This mod adds afterlives for deceased NPCs. Currently, there are two:

1. Nord warriors or Nords who have shown bravery in combat will end up in Sovngarde upon death.
2. Soul trapped characters will end up in the Soul Cairn if their soul is successfully captured.


  • Pre-Alduin's demise, Nords will huddle together in the mist. They will stay in one place to avoid being eaten.
  • After Alduin is defeated, they will move about. Some might even gain entry in the Hall of Valor.

Soul Cairn

  • NPCs will travel to and fro in the Soul Cairn. They will interact with their surroundings.

A MCM will show the current number of NPCs in their respective afterlives. You can set a limit on how many NPCs there can be, restrict entry  to unique characters or delete all added NPCs.



Version History



  1. Default limit is set to 128 NPCs, but can go as high as 256. 256 NPC limit is only recommended for high end PCs.
  2. Since Sovngarde is a small worldspace, having more than 128 NPCs might make it a bit cramped.
  3. NPCs will only be counted after MQ101 is finished i.e after you get out of Helgen


  • Because I had to edit the Soul Trap spell to determine if an NPC was soul trapped, move this mod above any mods that modify Soul Trap effects. As most mods edit the Soul Trap magic effect, and not the Soul Trap spell this should not conflict directly. Create a bashed patch for best results. 
  • This mod is compatible with USLEEP, as I have incorporated its bugfixes. 

  • Installing using Nexus Mod Manager/ModOrganizer - Just click the "Download with Manager" button and it will install.
  • Manually installing - Unzip the contents of this folder into your Skyrim/Data Folder


  • Uninstalling using Nexus Mod Manager/ModOrganizer- Uncheck Afterlife.esp and uncheck the mod.
  • Manually uninstalling - Delete the files/folders associated with this mod


  1. Killing NPCs right after you load into an area might not trigger the quest alias. Travel a bit into the area for the quest to restart.
  2. Killing multiple NPCs at once (particularly when using killall console command) may give inaccurate NPC counts.


  • If you want to use any of the files in this mod, please let me know in a PM. 
  • You are welcome to port this to consoles as long as credit is given.

Peace out.