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Monli race, CBBE HDT, CBBE non HDT curvy, UNP HDT, UNP non HDT. Can be married. Located in Old Hroldan Inn. 1H, 2H, Dual and archer capable with plenty of perks and good stats.

Permissions and credits

The Second War of Oeax

In the first war, the Thalmor were defeated by cutting off their supply ships.

This time, another attack by the Thalmor has taken a grave twist. They scoured the hills and killed farmers, took as much food as they could, limiting much of the food supplies to the Oeax army. Other supply ships to the Thalmor were just weeks away, able to hold out for months, the Thalmor now plot a new strategy to gain control over the shipping lanes.

Ahjisa, who was not far away saw this happen and ran for her life to the nearest port telling anyone who would listen, "Thalmors, I saw them kill the farmers!"

The King of Oeax was immediately informed. "Maivin, put the guards on alert and investigate the farms."

Ahjisa, still panicking, ran right up the gangplank of a supply ship, informing the captain that there has been an attack. "What is this nonesense?"  "Thalmor....."

A guard approached and advised the captain that they should leave for safety reasons. The sails were raised and the ship departed with Ahjisa still on board.

Seventeen days later, the supply ship docked in Solitude. Still feeling uneasy, Ahjisa was glad to be on land again.

Traveling the roads, Ahjisa found her way to Old Hroldan Inn. (See images for location.)

Ahjisa has only default barkeep clothes and a dagger.
She is capable of Dual, 1H, 2H, archery and will specialize in heavy armor but light armor will do as an alternative.

Give her what she needs to fight.
  Plenty of perks and good stats for each.

Location: Old Hroldan Inn (see Images for location)
Voice: Sultry
No armor
Weapon: dagger
Weight: .80 height .90
Race: Monli

HDT physics, XPMSE3 skeleton extended and facelight recommended.

Thanks to and permission:

Hieroglyphics Skin Variation Project by ats321 for the UNP improvements.

Credits: Monli race, Caliente CBBE and UNP body, Mikan eyes, KS Hairdos, True Brows

Ahjisa is exclusive to me. Do not upload to other sights. Thanks.